Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Some more bits

Richard Childs - "Out to Grass"

Richard is doing particularly well at present - his image "Out to Grass" has just won First place in the latest "From my Perspective" show run by Ann Kullberg, against some really stiff competition by famous CP artists, and has also been chosen by the Michael Elliott Trust "Freshfields" Donkey Sanctuary to help in their fund-raising. Richard will be at a Christmas Show at Buxton, Deryshire, for the Sanctuary, on December 13th, along with several donkeys - and Rolf Harris.

Other bits - another stockist of Prismacolor pencils has surfaced, from amongst our own members. Sonia Bowmar-Scothern, of 1buy1 Pencils based in Northampton writes:

I have the whole colour range of Prismacolor premier pencils in stock at the moment and have just started to sell a few Prismacolor Verithins. I have a few Karisma pencils listed on ebay also and over 100 (at a rough guess)not listed plus around 50 on their way. I also have a few coloured pencil art books listed and on order. Titles include Coloured Pencil Pocket Palette and the complete Colored Pencil Book. I can also get Prismacolor sets at a very good price

Her (low-budget) website is here and her e-bay page is here.

Next, some more good news from Derwent. I have been involved in the development of a new accessory that Derwent will be releasing on September 1st - their very own battery-operated eraser. I can honestly say that I like this a lot, it has a long chunky eraser that can be shaped, a powerful motor, a good carrier system that is not too fiddly to get at and lots of replacement erasers. The price is right too, at a RRP of £2.99p, with 30 replacement erasers for £0.99p. I think this one will fly off the shelves!

Finally, we just wanted to say how pleased we are about the entries for this year's Exhibition. We have had entries from almost 50% more artists, from 11 countries, and the total number of entries are 30% up on last year. Should be good news for the quality of the Exhibition! Great thanks are due to Pat Heffer, who has almost nursed some artists through our submission procedure, even going to the extent of ironing creases out of entries! This should not have been neccessary, but we do thank her for her "above and beyond the call of duty" efforts. The entries will be very soon with the judges. Best of luck to all!


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