Sunday, 26 September 2010

UKCPS Annual General Meeting: 1st October 5pm

This is from Elizabeth Frearson, the Chair of UKCPS
Here is a reminder to all our members that it is the AGM next Friday (1st October) at 5pm at the Stamford Arts Centre with a social gathering afterwards.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible there. 

Under the Constitution of the Society, the committee roles are formally ratified at the AGM.  If there are any alternative candidates seeking appointment to any committee post at the AGM please could you let the Chair know by midday 30th September by e-mailing  If you wish to raise any other business it would be likewise useful to do so in advance because the committee are having a meeting that morning and can be prepared with a consensus view for a  better use of the time available.

Agenda for the AGM:
  1. UKCPS Committee 
  2. Scope of the Society
  3. Sponsorship
  4. 10th birthday celebrations and the annual exhibition
  5. Keswick
  6. NEC and the resources available
  7. Venues for future exhibitions
  8. Communication with Membership
  9. The Web
  10. Forums
  11. Membership
  12. Local Groups
  13. Schools
  14. Any Other Business - Timing of the AGM, Private View, committee meeting and incorporation into the annual exhibition 
Looking forward to meeting you all there.

Note: The UKCPS Annual Exhibition at the Stamford Arts Centre Gallery will be closed next Monday

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Susan Christopher Coulson at the Pencil Museum

Susan Christopher Coulson
with her suite of five botanical drawings in coloured pencils
Society of Botanical Artists Annual Exhibition 2009

photographed by Katherine Tyrrell with permission of the SBA
RHS Gold Medallist Susan Christopher Coulson SBA GM uses Derwent Artists Pencils for her botanical artwork.  She will demonstrating and teaching at the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick between 28th-30th September.

Free Demonstrations of Derwent Artist Pencils

You can see her demonstrating her use of Artists Pencils at the Cumberland Pencil Museum on 28th and 29th September.
FREE Demonstration event.
Explore the detail of botanical flowers and seasonal fruit using Derwent Artists Pencils.
Please collect a ticket from reception which entitles you to one hours FREE tuition. Demonstrations run between 10am until 4pm
Tuition Workshop - Flora and Fruit Pencil Illustration with Susan Christopher Coulson

The Pencil Museum is also running a fee-paying workshop with Susan on 30th September - see the website for more details.
Workshops run between 10.30am – 4.30pm. 
£40 per person per workshop. 
A 10% discount is offered for any two or more workshops booked at any one time.

Monday, 20 September 2010

Karen Coulson demonstrating at Pencil Museum

Siberian Owl by Karen Coulson (SOLD)
currently on display in 9th Annual Open International Exhibition
at the Stamford Arts Centre

UKCPS member Karen Coulson UKCPS is demonstrating Studio Pencils at the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick on 21st - 22nd September 2010.
FREE event! 
Draw Eagles, Owls, and Birds of Prey, using Derwent Studio pencils, you will be amazed at the interesting effects that can be created using this versatile coloured pencil. 
Collect your ticket from the Museum reception which entitles you to one hour's FREE tuition. 
Demonstrations run from 10am until 4pm. 
For more information just call the Museum on 017687 73626.
Karen's picture "Longleat Lions" won first prize in 2005 at the "World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition"also held at the Pencil Museum.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

UKPCS Annual Exhibition 2010: Private View

The Private View, last Monday evening, of the 9th Annual Open International Exhibition held by the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society at the Stamford Arts Centre was well attended.

UKCPS 2010: Landscapes
UKCPS 2010: Portraits of People
UKCPS  2010: a sample of still life

The room in which the Exhibition is being held is large, light and airy and enables easy circulation and viewing of the artwork on the walls.  Above is a small selection of the works on show.

Private View
Judith and Derek Waugh laid on a lovely spread and there was a most congenial atmosphere as staff at the Arts Centre, artists and their friends mingled and enjoyed the works of art.

The main comment heard was "the standard is even higher this year" and "I can't believe that that is coloured pencil".

Saturday, 18 September 2010

New signature members of UKCPS (2010)

Bliss by Lesley Galton UKCPS
The artists listed below gained signature status as a result of exhibiting at this year's  9th Annual Open International Exhibition held by the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society.

Uncommon Scents
by Martin Vela UKCPS
New Signature members of UKCPS

Every year the the aim of the Annual Open International Exhibition is to prove what can be accomplished using just coloured pencils. 

If an artist is successful in getting into this show three times within a five year span, they are entitled to put the letters UKCPS after their name.  
  • Kate Clarke is a professional portrait artist and illustrator living and working in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire.  In 2009 she won the Best in Show Award
  • Sue Clinker is a full time artist living in Whitstable in Kent and working mainly to commission.  One of her works was awarded 'Reserve Best in Show' at the 9th Annual Open International Exhibition this year.
  • Pauline Longley lives in Glastonbury and specialises in portraiture of both animals and people.  She's an active member of the society and has recently taken on the co-ordination of UKCPS Local Groups (Apologies to Pauline for missing her out inadvertently on first publication of this post)
  • Martin Vela lives in New Mexico and is also a member of CPSA and the New Mexico District Chapter of the Colored Pencil Society of America. His work was awarded Best in Show in 2006.

Mindy by Ann Massey UKCPS
New Silver Signature members of UKCPS

Silver Signature status is granted when the artist has had pictures accepted into 5 Annual Open Exhibitions within 10 years.
  • Elisabeth Aubury began Botanical Illustration ten years ago and gained an HNC in Botanical Illustration in 1999. She is also a founder member of the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists
  • Lesley Galton adores big cats and travels widely both here and abroad to photograph them for her artwork.  She is also a member of the Tadworth Art Group
  • Ann James Massey is currently the President of the UKCPS and has won awards for her wax pencil drawings
  • Judith Waugh helped to organise the venue for this year's exhibition and is demonstrating during the exhibition.  She is an animal lover who sells pictures and prints to raise money for the local animal sanctuary
  • Peter Woof works in the realist tradition and has exhibited at the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries and many other galleries in England and abroad.
The images featured in this post are from works submitted by members not otherwise featured in blog posts about the exhibition this week. Links in their names are to their websites.

Tillansia Bulbosa by Elizabeth Aubery UKCPS

Friday, 17 September 2010

Thursday, 16 September 2010

9th Annual Open International Exhibition: Other Prizewinners

The other prizes and prizewinners at the 9th Annual Open International Show at the are as follows:

UKCPS Runner Up - Sue Clinker UKCPS

Daydreaming Tiger by Sue Clinker UKCPS
"I photographed this tiger at the Wildlife Heritage Trust in Kent – he was propped up in the corner staring into space for nearly ten minutes. I love his ‘Uncle Albert’ beard".

President's Award - Kate Clarke UKCPS

Challenging Stereotypes - a triptych by Kate Clarke UKCPS

Staedtler Award - Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Strawberries by Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Derwent Award - Peter Woof UKCPS

Japanese Still Life by Peter Woof UKCPS

Faber Castell Award - Brian Ainsworth

Lyra Award - Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood)

Plum and Blossom 'Majories Seedling' by Janie Pirie

Ann Swan Award - Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood)

Pear 'Conference' by Janie Pirie

Peter Weatherill Award - Jean Canter UKCPS

Surrey Spring Elstead Moat Pond by Jean Canter UKCPS

You can see work by award winners and other selected artists at the Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St. Marys Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL between now and Friday 1st October (Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm)

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Winner of Best in Show 2010 is...

Loire Valley Harvest by Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood)
Winner of the Caran d'Ache BEST IN SHOW 2010 Award (£400)

Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood) has won the Caran D'Ache Best in Show Prize at the UKCPS 9th Annual Open International Show with her exquisitely detailed work Loire Valley Harvest.

Janie's inspiration came from  
a hot summer day when I was walking through a vineyard in the Loire Valley.  The grapes were being harvested in the fields beyond.  I felt I had to capture the moment before the vines were stripped of their fruit.  I wanted to show the bright sunlight and the deep, moist shadows as well as the bloom on the grapes".  
You can see this work and the other award winners at the Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St. Marys Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL between now and Friday 1st October (Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm)

Coming shortly...
  • other prizewinners
  • Highly commended works
  • Members achieving signature status in 2010
Caran d'Ache are sponsoring this year's show and the Best in Show Prize.  
Caran d'Ache makes a range of coloured pencils including Luminance 6901, Museum, Pablo and Supracolour

Monday, 13 September 2010

Demonstrators at the UKCPS Annual Exhibition

If you're intending to visit the 9th UKCPS Annual Exhibition at Stamford Arts Centre this year you may be interested to know who are the UKCPs members who will be demonstrating during the course of the exhibition

 The Peri II by Elizabeth Barton
  • 14th September - Elizabeth Barton, Suzy Herbert UKCPS, Jo Goudie and Malcolm Cudmore
  • 15th September - Elizabeth Barton, Suzy Herbert UKCPS and Malcolm Cudmore
  • 16th September - Suzy Herbert UKCPS and Malcolm Cudmore
    Purple Parrot Tulip by Judith Waugh
  • 17th September - Judith Waugh UKCPS
  • 18th September - Judith Waugh UKCPS
  • 20th September - Victoria Parsons
  • 24th September - Judith Waugh UKCPS
  • 25th September - Victoria Parsons
  • 27th September - Victoria Parsons
Itchy Feet by Pauline Longley
The Exhibition opens with a Private View tomorrow evening and is then open to the public from 14th September to Friday, 1st October 2010.

Open during normal gallery opening hours : Monday-Friday 10.30am - 5.30pm, Saturday 10.30am - 5.00pm and Sundays 1.00pm - 5.00pm.

Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coloured Pencil Book Review by Pauline Longley

Pauline Longley was the second person to win a copy of Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils by UKCPS member Ann Swan SBA GM in our blog competition and her book review appears below.

This year Ann Swan was one of the judges of the artwork selected for the 9th Annual Open International Exhibition which opens at the Stamford Arts Centre on Monday 13th September 2010.  The exhibition continues until Friday 1st October.

Pauline Longley reading
Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils
It is Saturday July 3rd and I am sat on my sunny patio doing the Telegraph crossword when the postman hands me the usual junk mail. He carries on to my neighbour only to return with a padded envelope containing a copy of Ann Swan’s Botanical Painting book that I have agreed to review.

I was immediately drawn to the colour of the book and how it co-ordinates with the flowers on the dust jacket. Pinks and purples are an unusual colour scheme for an art book. I couldn’t wait to get reading so whilst my 13 year old grandsons, who had stayed overnight, were engrossed in their computer games I managed to get to page 27 before I heard cries of “Grandma I’m hungry”. “Just a minute Callum.” Callum is always hungry. I then get to page 29 before I here his brother Jack announce “Grandma I’m hungry”. Ah well life is never dull with grandchildren, bless them.

Two hours later, after Mum has arrived and we are all lunched out on salad from the garden and fresh fruit from the local market, daughter and grandchildren despatched home, I get to finish the book and what a lovely book it is too.

For me chapter 1 put into words my own thoughts and findings on coloured pencils which were encouraging. I couldn’t disagree with any of it.

If you are new to art there are great tips on composition, perspective, tone and colour theory in chapters 2, 3 and 4. In chapter 5 Ann has shared some of her coloured pencil techniques that I am sure more experienced artists will find fascinating.

I always seem to struggle with ‘greens’ and chapter 6 has a whole page dedicated to producing realistic greens in nature. As well as covering other colours that can cause issues to the inexperienced coloured pencil artist.

In chapters 7 and 8 Ann explains how she produces the great detail required for botanical art:, fine hairs, highlights, low lights, water droplets, tangled roots and more.

The last chapter showcases a gallery of her work. A fascinating read and a must for those who love to produce detail and realism in their art. I am not a botanical artist and I have no incentive to draw or paint flowers so precisely but this is not just about flowers as Ann shows, these techniques can be applied to vegetables too and I can see no reason why they can’t also be applied to other subjects.

Pauline Longley 2010

Note:  This book review post represents the views of the individual author only.  


Friday, 10 September 2010

Coloured Pencil Book Review by Lesley Sharman

Lesley Sharman was one of the two winners of a copy of Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils by UKCPS member Ann Swan SBA GM in the competition which ran on this blog during May.  Pauline Longley was the other winner and her review follows in the next post.

Below you can find Lesley Sharman's book review.

Lesley Sharman doing an exercise from
Ann Swan's Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils
As I have read many coloured pencil books, covering many different subjects (but none on botanical painting, of which I think this is the first) I have compared this book with them, as well as reviewing the content.

First impressions were very good. It is a hardback book, nicely printed on good paper and very well illustrated, with lots of lovely finished works to admire. It is written in the first person, with a friendly, conversational tone used throughout. The book is about botanical illustration, which has to be anatomically correct, as against flower painting, which allows a looser interpretation. After reading through it I was inspired enough to buy a set of Polychromos to try some of the exercises, but then I was disappointed as I often felt frustrated whilst trying to follow the instructions. I found that they were not detailed enough, unlike most of the other instruction books I have read, and thought that there were possibly some problems with the editing.

The book is divided into nine chapters, each covering a different aspect of botanical art and explaining how the author achieves such outstanding results using coloured pencil.

Ann starts the book by describing how and why she started using coloured pencils and explains a little about the medium, before moving on to materials. She mainly uses Faber-Castell Polychromos, with some Prismacolor Premiers, and gives limited information about other ranges. Then comes the usual basic information on materials as is found in most other CP books, but this is quite succinct.

We are then taken through the procedure of getting to know the subject, including observation, setting up, measuring and colour matching. Some of the information in this section would also be useful for flower arrangers, for example how to keep specimens fresh for as long as possible. Although most botanical subjects are drawn from life there is some information on using photographs.

The next chapter is on composition and style, where the author stresses the need to attract the viewer’s attention as well as for producing detailed drawings, and there is some good information on how to achieve this.

The whole of the chapter “Basic Pencil Techniques” is given over to pencil drawing, with the emphasis on the need to draw well to create realistic botanical illustrations, and looks at basic line and tonal drawings using graphite. There is also some good information on different techniques to use with pencil and Ann covers underpainting graphite, which is quite an unusual technique.  We then move on to coloured pencil techniques in the following chapter, including layering, burnishing and underpainting using felt pens and solvents, with accompanying step-by-step demonstrations of a bearded iris and red peppers.

Chapter 6 concerns colour, where the usual colour theory basics are covered. As botanical artists will need to replicate many shades of green, there is some useful information about the various green pencils produced by the different manufacturers, and recommendations are given. There are also some good tips on how to depict white and yellow flowers convincingly, illustrated by a three-stage step-by-step of an arum lily. However, the finished picture is of two lilies with several leaves, although the instructions only cover one flower, and there is no mention of how the leaves were achieved.

The next chapter, “Small Details”, has some useful information, including an explanation of how to convey hairs and veins on plants in various ways. But I thought the step-by-step of cherries was inadequate. Details were too sketchy: no mention was made of the colours used for the stems, and the “Final Stage” step didn’t even follow on from the previous ones, but showed a different picture completely. I also tried to follow the instructions for depicting bloom on grapes, but found they were very brief and no colours were suggested for the green grapes. The only instructions given were to use grey for the shading, layer the colour and use white for the bloom. (I was getting pretty frustrated at this point and my grapes looked blooming awful!)

Chapter 8, “Finishing Touches” covers how to make finished work look professional. There is some useful information here, such as sharpening edges, polishing the surface and cleaning the paper, as well as framing and presentation.

The final chapter “Gallery” shows some excellent examples of botanical work in coloured pencil by other artists: some lovely pictures to linger over here. There is also a brief checklist and details of stockists and societies (including UKCPS). Throughout the book, the author uses terms which may not be familiar to readers, such as “spadix” , “spathe” and “drupelet” and I thought an appendix or some explanation of these terms would have been helpful.

Would I recommend buying this book?

Yes, if you want to see how Ann achieves such wonderful results using coloured pencil, but not if you want proper detailed instructions to try to achieve similar results yourself. It could be of interest to botanical artists who use the more usual watercolour paints, to gain an understanding of how coloured pencil is used, and to experienced CP artists who can use some of the hints when creating botanical or flower paintings. I felt it would not be good for coloured pencil novices, as the step-by-steps are frustrating to follow due to their lack of detail.

Lesley Sharman 2010

Note:  This book review post represents the views of the individual author only.  


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Delivery of UKCPS Exhibition artwork to Stamford

This is a REMINDER that UKCPS Members with artwork in the 9th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition need to get their artwork to Stamford by the morning of Monday 13th September.
9th Annual Open International Exhibition
Stamford Arts Centre
13th September - 1st October 2010
Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm. Not open on Sunday
Japanese Still Life by Peter Woof UKCPS
can be seen in the 9th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition

Preparation for Hanging

Please make sure that:
  • you attach two mirror plates (this is what a mirror plate looks like) so that pictures can be screwed into the wall.  The size of the mirror plate needs to be appropriate to the frame and weight of the picture.  A mirror plate should be attached to the centre point of the frame on either SIDE .  The two little holes are used to screw the plate into the frame.  The large hole stands proud of the frame and enables those hanging the exhibition to screw the plate to the wall to make it secure.  Contact Pat Heffer if you'd like more help on how to fix the mirror plates.
  • label your work on the back with your name address and price

Make sure that:
  • your work is conveniently and robustly packed in REUSABLE packing.   The same packaging will be used to return your work
  • mark your work clearly with your name and address on the outside of your packaging
If UKCPS are returning your picture to you make sure that you fix an envelope to the package containing a cheque made payable to UKCPS for exactly the amount that it cost to send it.


Your pictures can be delivered to:
  • Judith Waugh on 11th September between 9am and 6pm (see exhibition details for how to do this)
  • Stamford Arts Centre on Monday 13th September - between 9.30am and 11.00am
Please note that the Gallery is unable to accept any pictures 
in advance of the exhibition.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Open Studios: Lesley Crawford (Scotland)

Lesley's Studio
For the second year running UKCPS Founder Member Lesley Crawford (Lesley Crawford) will be taking part in North East Open Studios.

Lesley Crawford on the North East Open Studios website
(click the link to go to the entry)

Held over the north east of Scotland, 128 artists and craftspeople will open their studios to the public from 11-19th September.  The event affords people the chance to talk to the artists in a relaxed atmosphere, watch them create, and maybe buy direct from them.

Lesley's studio, in Carmyllie, Angus, will be open on the following dates and times:
  • Sat 11th Sept 10-8.00
  • Sun 12th 10-5.00
  • Monday 13th - closed
  • Tuesday -Friday 17th - 10-5.00
  • Satu 18th 10-6.00
  • Sun 19th 10-5.00

There will be lots of original artwork on the walls, pastels, watercolours, graphite and of course coloured pencil, some of which will be for sale.  There will also be prints and cards available.  Landscapes, wildlife and portraits, and fantasy inspired by British mythology are her subject matter.  There will be works in progress, and demonstrations upon request.

Lesley says, 'it's lovely to have the public visit the studio and talk face to face, as being an artist is a solitary life.  It's a great opportunity to talk about my work, and to share information and enthusiasm with people interested in art.  If anyone is in the area do come and have a coloured pencil chat over a cuppa.'

Lesley is a Founder Member and Signature member of the UKCPS, and is a tutor of art in Adult Education. 

She has exhibited at London Zoo, the Westminster Gallery and NEWA, and her work is in many private and public collections both here and abroad. 

You can see some of her work on
She suggests that you take a look at the website for North East Open Studios and maybe make a day out visiting some of the fantastic venues that will be open.

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

UKCPS members's exhibition - Ilminster 6-18th September

UKCPS members Diana Connor, Bev Lewis UKCPS and Pauline Longley will be exhibiting their coloured pencil artwork in an exhibition called Diversity at the Ilminster Arts Centre in Somerset between 6-18th September.

The Arts Centre can be found at East Street, Ilminster, Somerset TA19 0AN.  Opening hours are
  • Monday to Friday 9:30am to 4:30pm
  • Saturday 10.00am to 2:30pm
In addition, the three artists are holding a "Coloured Pencils Experience" Day at the Arts Centre on Wednesday 8th September.

Those attending the day - which is free - will be able to:
  • watch the artists demonstrating the use of coloured pencils
  • ask questions about the artwork, working with coloured pencils and specific techniques
  • try out a range of pencils and papers

  • Diana Connor has exhibited her work with UKCPS, Bath Society of Botanical Artists, the Society of Floral Painters and at RHS Rosemoor.  She has also held private exhibitions at Westonbirt Arboretum and London.  Diana uses coloured pencil for botanical and animal subjects and acrylics for her abstract works.
  • Bev Lewis is an animal artist and a signature member of UKCPS.  She has won numerous awards for her finely detailed and realistic depiction of wildlife and domestic animals.  Recently she has also become a member of The Wildlife Artists Society International.
  • Pauline Longley creates realistic coloured pencil portrayals of both animals and people. She has exhibited her work in a number of juried exhibitions including those of the Royal West of England Academy, the Royal Birmingham Society of Art and the UK Coloured Pencil SocietyPauline's blog is Pauline Longley's Art Blog.
Links:  Diversity - an exhibition by three UKCPS members (Glastonbury Galleries June 2010)


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