Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas reading

Sometime over the next few days, members should be receiving their December edition of 'Talking Point' containing, amongst other things, the Call for Entries to the 9th World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition 2012 at Keswick, the Minutes of the UKCPS AGM back in October last, and a list of available courses and workshops for the New Year, plus lots of stuff about the 10th Open Exhibition last September.

Good reading to you all, and I take this opportunity to offer my personal best wishes to all our blog readers for a very happy Christmas.


Anyone bound for Paris soon?

The UKCPS Chairman, Barbara Murray, has recieved an email from Elizabeth Patterson, a member of the Coloured Pencil Society of America [CPSA], who writes:-

"Hello Barbara,
Hope this email finds you well! I am a member of CPSA from Southern California and wanted to contact you because I will soon be arriving in Paris for a month long stay. I am hoping that I might have a chance to meet some of your members. I don't know that I will be leaving France during that time, but perhaps some of your members live there? I was in contact with Ann Massey some months ago, but it appears she is no longer an officer, hence my email to you.

The reason for my trip is a solo exhibition at Galerie Louis Carre' & Cie which is opening Thursday, Jan 26th. I would like to have the gallery send an invitation to your chapter, but do not see an address. I got the impression that your membership is spread across a rather large geographic area, so I understand if no one can meet with me or come to the opening, though I would be so happy to see ANYONE from UKCPS there, as I will know few people! This is only my second solo exhibition and as the time draws near, I am getting quite nervous about the entire prospect. I have never even been to Europe!

Many thanks!

If any of you members out there are visiting Paris at the end of January, and would like to be put in contact with Elizabeth, then email Barbara Murray at for further information.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Dave Richards - Hafren Award

Ukcps Silver status member, Dave Richards, was awarded First Place- Hafren Award in the Hafren Themed Art Competition/Exhibition which opened in Newtown, Powys, on  26 November last.  The theme was 'Revelation'.

Dave's picture (shown on the right) is entitled "Feelings Revealed" and was done exclusively with Derwent Artists coloured pencils on Rising Stonehenge paper.

Dave has commented "I have a set of 72 of the Artists pencils which were the first set of pencils I bought. I was inspired to pick them up again after seeing Suzy’s [Herbert] beautiful ‘work in progress’ picture of pears she was demonstrating at the Open Exhibition in September. I seem to have come full circle after trying many different makes in search of the ‘magic’ pencil".

"A total of 74 pictures were accepted for the exhibition. There was a wide range of media including 2 in wool, however there were only 2 coloured pencil pictures [my entries], It was very pleasing to see cp being accepted as an equal".

The exhibition is in Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales and runs until 27 January 2012. More details are available on the Hafren website at:

Monday, 21 November 2011

Re; a bit of self promotion....

Further to my post regarding the Irby Artists Association exhibition - I'm pleased to say that I actually sold a drawing!  It was called 'Joy', and you can view it in my photo album in the UKCPS Yahoo Group page.


Wednesday, 16 November 2011

A bit of self promotion.....

Any members/readers who will be in the Wirral area on this coming Saturday, 19th November, will be made welcome at the Irby Artists Association Autumn Exhibition, where I shall be on duty all day from 10 am onwards til the close at 4pm
There will be 265 paintings on display (including my own CP stuff) and a range of craft items. Free entry, and nice refreshments available.
The exhibition is located at St Chads Church Hall, Roslin Road, Irby, Wirral, CH62 3UH.

Alan McMahon

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Alan Jones in the news

North Wales member, Alan Jones, has been commissioned by Derwent Pencils to produce a drawing of a bear cub to be reproduced onto the front of their sketchbooks. "I couldn't believe it when Derwent approached me" said Alan. "This is a huge honour and I am very humbled that Derwent chose me to produce the drawing, but I am glad they did!" The drawing took over 15 hours to produce using Derwent soft graphite H, 2B & 8B pencils onto Derwent A3 cartridge. "Derwent pencils are really a joy to use, you can sharpen them to ultra fine points and lay a really rich velvety layer of graphite down to build up subtle shades with precise control."

These quality sketchbooks will be on sale in an art store near you anytime soon.
More of Alan's fine animal drawings can be viewed in his album via the UKCPS YahooGroup Forum.
(if you are a UKCPS member and not in the Yahoo Group Forum then you are missing out on seeing some wonderful pictures in the members albums - contained in the 'Photos' section of the group page)

Also It has just been announced that Alan's entry 'Pleasureland' won 3rd place in Ms Poem's Cover Star Illustrator competition!  Follow the link:


Alan is over the moon with this as the standard was extremely high.  Drawn in Derwent Studio Coloured pencils onto white A4 cartridge paper.  He wins a copy of the book and Derwent sketching pencils.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Members in the news

A number of UKCPS members are currently appearing in current editions of art magazines.  Besides Irina Garmashova's regular coulour pencil articles in the 'Leisure Painter', both Malcolm Cudmore and Tiffany Budd have articles and examples of their work in the current edition of 'Paint', the magazine of the Society for All Artists [ known as SAA for short].

Pictures of Malcolm's article are shown on the left.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Art Matrials Live - NEC

Just a timely reminder that UKCPS will have their usual stand at the forthcoming Art Materials Live Exhibition which starts next Thursday, 3rd November, and runs through until Sunday 6th. at the NEC, Birmingham.

Besides the 'have-a-go' section, some of our members will be demonstrating colour pencil techniques throughout the exhibition, and will be glad to say hello to visiting members.

There are always lots of offers at the show, but one of the best has been negotiated on behalf of our members with Artistpapers, suppliers of the well recommended 'Strathmore' paper.  Leaflets [illustrated on the right] are available on the UKCPS stand, or visit and enter the code: ' UKCPS' when you checkout your purchases.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Time For a Chat?

A reminder for UKCPS members that if you join the UKCPS Yahoo Group Forum, you can also access the 'Chat' room (click on the link 'CHAT').

7pm (GMT) is a good time to visit as Sarah Longrigg and Judith Crown are regular visitors at that time.  If they are busy chatting to one another when you enter the room - just type 'hello' or something, and they will respond.


Members will have recieved their latest edition of the society newsletter by now. (if you haven't then let me or one of the Exec Committee know, and we'll sort it out!).

I take the opportunity to highlight the picture competition (deadline 10 December) on the theme of  'Texture in Wood'.  A lovely prize of 24 Conte watercolour pencils for the winner!

Nice to see the pictures submitted by some of our newer members!

Ann Barron - page links

UKCPS member, Anne Barron, is probably one of our most isolated members living as she does in Papil, West Burra, in the Shetland Isles.

You can link to Anne and view some of her work via her facebook page at:

or via:

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Pauline Longley - CP demo

Pauline Longley will be demonstrating CP at the
 The Blue Cedar Art Cafe Gallery, High St, Glastonbury, BA6 9DX, on Sunday 23rd October from 12-4pm.

  Pauline says  that the cafe has lovely food, but access is by a flight of stairs, so persons with a mobility disability may need to be aware.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Exec Committee vacancies

One of the outcomes from the recent AGM is the fact that the executive committee has an urgent need for new volunteers.  The comittee members are scattered throughout the UK, so the commttee only meets formally a couple of times a year, and most of the work is carried out/discussed via the internet.

The most important need at the moment is for a society Treasurer, and incidental to that, a volunteer independent Auditor (membership of UKCPS not essential), but we also need some volunteers to form a sub-committee charged with organising the society's exhibitions (the 2012 one is in Nuneaton, by the way).

If you think you could devote even a little bit of your time to the society's affairs, then please contact the Chairman, Barbara Murray, who will give further details (and will no doubt offer various enticements).

Barbara can be contacted via  

Sunday, 2 October 2011

UKCPS 10th Exhibition - People's Vote Results

This is the last 'guest' post from me (Liz Ridley) and I will hand back the keyboard to Alan.

The result for the People's Awards was very unusual in that we have four winners instead of two. However many times I and my husband, John, counted the result was the same a two-way tie for both Coloured Pencil and Mixed Media.

The two winners for the St Cuthbert's Mill People's Choice Award for Coloured Pencil are:

Oriental Poppy by Ann Swan
Sentry by Pam Preller

Both received 21 votes each and will share the prize of £100 paper kindly donated by St Cuthbert's Mill. 

Now for the mixed media which are below. These share the Staedtler award of £50 and received 11 votes each. Congratulations to all four winners.

Urban Fox by Karen Coulson
Merlot by Ann Swan
There were a total of 457 votes and 121 pictures out of 228 were somebody's favourite. All the votes will be returned to the artist so they can see the kind comments left by people. Nearly everyone said it was difficult to choose just one picture. There was some evidence of family bias a certain picture of Westminster was painted by 'nanny' but I'm sure it was their favourite.

The exhibition has now closed and the clearing up has now been done. Suzy Herbert and her husband drove away in a van stuffed full of pictures to be posted around the country and the rest of the world. Thanks to the many helpers on Saturday, it certainly helped to share out the load and it all went very smoothly.  We only 'lost' one picture but on ringing the owner, who was obviously in a bar or similar, told us he had collected it but failed to tell anyone - that was a relief.

Many, many thanks to Pat for an incredible feat of organisation and surmounting all sorts of unpredictable hurdles, some of which I only heard about in her speech at the AGM. It is worth reading her report when it is published in TP to see what really went on behind the scenes. Thanks to all the other helpers who I am sure will be named in Talking Point in the formal report.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

More News from the exhibition

We had a good day at Westminster today with plenty of visitors both new to cp and old friends. Two people signed up as new members so welcome to them. The 'Have a Go' area had its busiest day yet and Elizabeth Frearson was on hand to give plenty of good advice (some of it related to cp).

I have now received some photos of the Private View (many thanks to Alan Watters) and a small sample are below.

Best in show winner, Alexandra Bastien,
receiving her prize from Bernard Poulin.

Ann Swan receiving her award from
celebrity guest, Philip Glenister, and
Bernard Poulin.
The UKCPS 10th Birthday Cake
(no candles)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Latest from the Exhibition

Hi, Liz Ridley here posting from London as Alan has kindly let me 'guest blog' direct from the exhibition to give you the latest news and urge you to come along before we close at the end of Saturday, 1st October.

We have had a steady stream of visitors and being in a tourist area we have seen people from many different countries. As usual all visitors are impressed by what can be achieved by using coloured pencil.

The challenge has been getting people into the building and we had a poster campaign and as you can see from the photo below, Pat has gone beyond the call of duty as usual.

Pat Heffer with her sandwich board
I'll be back tomorrow with more reports and photos of the actual exhibition.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

AGM Reminder!

Just a note to remind UKCPS members of the Annual General Meeting being held at Methodist Central Hall, Westminster, London, SW1H 9NH, at 14.30 on the forthcoming Saturday, 1st October 2011.

If you have read your latest edition of 'Talking Point' (and if you haven't, then you should've 'cos there are some lovely articles in it!) you will be aware that there are some important issues to discuss and make decisions upon.

The AGM will be an excellent oportunity to meet fellow members, and is a good chance to put faces to the members of your Executive Committee, or to people you may have read about on the UKCPs Forum or website.

I myself have been given the day off DIY duties by 'her indoors' so that I can attend, and I look forward to meeting everyone.

Alan (McMahon)

Thursday, 22 September 2011


The UKCPS exhibtion is now up and running, and, if like me, you have not been able to attend so far, then you might want to follow this link to the UKCPS site to view the winning pictures:, and then follow the other links on that page to view all the entrants.

There are some really wonderful pictures to view - congratulations to all the winners (and a special vote of thanks to Pat Heffer who worked so hard to put it all together!).

Friday, 16 September 2011

International Exhibition - news

There is a nice write-up about our forthcoming UKCPS International Exhibition in the Westminster Central Hall Newsletter.  Click on the link to view the article

Paula Kuitenbrouwer - Web site

Greetings to Paula Kuitenbrouwer,  an overseas UKCPS member living in Antwerp, Belgium.  You can now link to her website 'Mindful Drawing' via the members blog list [right-hand column - scroll down].

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Karen Middleton - New blog link

UKCPS member, Karen Middleton, has a new blog page entitled 'softly drawn'.  You can link to it directly via the Members Blogs list in the column to the right & down.

If other members have their own blog or web page and wish to have them linked-to on this page, then contact me with the address.

Monday, 29 August 2011

Brian Ainsworth - Ken Bromley Catalogue cover competition

Congratulations to UKCPS member, Brian Ainsworth, who was Runner-Up in the recent 'Ken Bromley Art Supplies' cover competition with his fine drawing of a Snow Leopard. [seen on right]

Brian's prize is £100 worth of Winsor & Newton goods.

Brian said "I was delighted to be a runner up, especially as the competition was decided by a people's vote. It is also pleasing that people can see
what can be produced with coloured pencils."

Saturday, 20 August 2011

The Complete Colored Pencil Book - review

UKCPS Signature Member, Pauline Longley, [see other posts re Pauline], has read and hereby reviews the new version of  Bernard Paoulin's book: 'The Complete Colored Pencil Book' [see my post of 8th August] for fellow readers of this blog:

Title:  The Complete Colored Pencil Book
Author:  Bernard Aimé Poulin
Publisher:  North Light Books
Originally published in 1992
New Revised edition 2011
Bernard’s original book first inspired me to buy a complete set of artist coloured pencils and have a go. Ten years on I still enjoy browsing the pages for inspiration and marvel at his beautiful portrayal of children.  The new revised edition has a few picture changes and the layout a little more eye catching but the text information is much the same.
For those who don’t have a copy of the original, this book is ideally suited for the beginner as well as those with more experience.  It gives advice on types of pencil, drawing surfaces and useful tools as well as demonstration on techniques: layering, burnishing, creating darks and working from photographs.   There are examples of other coloured pencil artists work as well as plenty of Bernard’s own.
This is a book I would not be without.
Pauline Longley
August 2011

Karen Coulson - Open Studios

Signature member Karen Coulson, has passed on a bit of news regarding Open Studios in Hampshire:

Hi Everyone.
Just wanted to plug Open studios in Hampshire which started today and ends the 29th August.
There are a few of our members taking part.
Liz Diggins is sharing with me in Romsey and we close at the end of the day on the 26th in order to move to the Marwell Arts Market for the bank holiday weekend, but Julie Longdon is open until the 29th in Fareham.
Please call in for a cuppa and a chat if you are in the area.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Clevedon Art Club Exhibition

Any readers who may be holidaying near Bristol or Weston-Super-Mare during the next couple of weeks may like to visit the nearby coastal resort of Clevedon (just of Junction 20, M5 on the Bristol Channel).

The 55th annual exhibition of the Clevedon Art Club starts today until 27th August. It is held in the Science Atrium, Clevedon Community School, Valley Road, BS21 6AH, 5 minutes drive from J20 on the M5.

There are 322 pieces of art to a very high standard. The exhibition attracts professional artists as well as amateurs. It is an open, juried exhibition and worth a visit.

Four UKCPS members have a total of 6 CP pictures in the exhibition. Bev Lewis, and Pauline Longley (2 each), Diana Connor (1) and new member Jenny Campbell (1). Those of you who live in and around the Bristol area should go and have a look, and you might consider entering next year.

For those of you who don't know Clevedon, there is an historic Victorian Pier (several paintings of this in the exhibition), beautiful Georgian and Victorian houses, pebble beaches, interesting rocks and a lovely walk along the promenade. Two very good cafes over looking the pier, and views of Wales. Best seen when the tide is in, although the sea is rather muddy with silt!

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pauline Longley - Workshops

Those who read my post of 3rd August will be aware that UKCPS Signature Member, Pauline Longley, has an exhibition at the Lutyens Gallery, Hestercombe House, Near Taunton, until 21st August.
Subject to weather conditions, Pauline will be demonstrating at the exhibition on this forthcoming Sunday [14th august],  from 10.30 to 2.30. Pauline advises that those intending to come and meet her should contact her first via to confirm.

Regular readers will know that Pauline holds CP workshops at various times in the year.  The next workshops are due as follows:-
Sunday 4th September: at Mark village Hall, Vole road, Mark, Somerset, TA9 4NY. 10 am to 4pm. [4 places left as I write].
Saturday 10th September: at the Beacon Centre, Sheldon Road Methodist Church, Chippenham, Wilts. SN14 0DU. 10.30 to 4pm [8 places left as I write].
Both workshops are a bargain at £10 for UKCPS members, and £15 for non-members.
Get further details from Pauline direct on the email address above.

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Complete Colored Pencil Book -Bernard Poulin

Bernard Poulin, [See Blogpost: 22 Feb. 2011], the well known Canadian portrait artist, and one of the three judges for this year's UKCPS Open Exhibition, has revised and updated his book "The Complete Colored Pencil Book", the front cover of which is illustrated on the right.

I can commend this book both for beginners, and the more experienced CP artist, as it is a mine of good information.  Buy it from Amazon [£13.50, last time I looked] using the link on the UKCPS website, and UKCPS will get a commission on the sale! Go to:

PS.  I think I am right in saying that Bernard will be at the exhibition Preview.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Pauline Longley - Exhibition

UKCPS Signature Member, Pauline Longley, has an exhibition at the Lutyens Gallery, Hestercombe House, Near Taunton.  It is on now and until 21st August.
Hestercombe is a unique collection of three gardens spanning three centuries of garden history and design. All have undergone acclaimed restoration works and today provide important examples of gardens in contrasting styles that continue to grow and develop. In particular, Hestercombe's Formal Garden is a fine example of the world renowned partnership between plants-women, Gertrude Jekyll and architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens There is a good cafe, gift shop, lovely walks, and I know Pauline's work is excellent - so it is well worth a visit.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

10th Exhibition Workshops

If you are proposing to visit the society's 10th Exhibition at Westminster Hall in London (19th Sept to 1st October) why not take advantage of one of the excellent colour pencil workshops given by leading CP artists.
 See the list on the right, but contact the artist direct to book your place and receive full details.

Addenda - Exhibition Sponsors

Mia culpa, Mia Culpa!

In my post of 23 July last I forgot to include 'Hobbycraft', one of the UK's leading suppliers of art and craft materials, as being one of the Exhibition sponsors.  My apologies to them!

Sunday, 31 July 2011

10th Open Exhibition - List of successful artists

The following is the list of successful artists for 10th UKCPS exhibition. The more discerning of you will note that your Blogmaster's name does not appear in the list, thereby proving that membership of the society Exec. does not guarantee an entry if your work does not meet the standard of art required by our three Judges.  I shall immediately retire to the countryside, cut off my ear, and tell everyone I meet that nobody understands me!

Congratulations everyone!!


Brian Ainsworth
Ginette Amis
Elisabeth Aubury
Joan Barnes
Elizabeth Barton
Alexandra Bastien
Katie Bird
Lyn Blake-John
Kevin Bond
Robin Borrett
Carol Bramley
Linda Brand
Tiffany Budd
Julie Burdon-Stone
Jean Canter
Jackie Chang
Philip Cheater
Kate Clarke
Sue Clinker
Diana Connor
Karen Coulson
Beverley Courtney
Jackie Cox
Lesley Crawford
Malcolm Cudmore
Jackie Cunningham
Lene Daugaard
Katherina Dennett
Gale Dickinson
Elizabeth Diggins
Galini Dimitriadou-Spriggs
Margaret Edwards
Pamela Flintoff
June Lesley Fox
Elissa Frohlich
Anja Fuhrbach
Lesley Galton
Irina Garmashova-Cawton
Jo Goudie
Brenda Green
Margaret Hall
Amber Halsall
Angela Hammond
Debra Hanley
Maggie Hatherley-Champ
Pat Heffer
Judith Heilbronn-Crown
Shirley Henderson
Suzy Herbert
Jane Holford-Atkin
Derek Hollings
Deborah Holman
Cathy Holtom
Sarah Hope
Amy Horton
Denise Howard
Maureen Howard
John Hurford
Betsy Jones
Carole Keen
Jess Knowles
Shirley Leslie
Bev Lewis
Roger Lewis
Alastair Lockwood
Julie Longdon
Pauline Longley
James Lyes
Morryce James Maddams
Ann James Massey
Karen Middleton
Steve Millward
Jean Baptiste Morlot
Barbara Murray
Jonathan Newey
Stephen Parkinson
Victoria Parsons
Alison Perkins
Rachel Pesterfield
Janie Pirie
Susan Poole
Pamela Preller
Gerard Radegonde
David  Richards
Jan  Robertson
Heather Rolleston
Lesley Sharman
Sue Smith
Hilary Steel
Janet Suffield
Ann Swan
Edwin Thornber
Liedia van de Mortel
Martin Vela
Ranjini Venkatachari
Maria Villioti
Jo Wallace
Kay Wallbanks
Catherine Ward
Judith Waugh
Rosellen Westerhoff
Janet Wilkinson
Ursula Williams
Helena Wilsen-Saunders
Glynis Wilson
Lesley Woodhouse
Peter Woof
Sonja Wray
Debra Zamperla

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Maria Villioti - Competion winner

Congratulations to one of our overseas members, Maria Villioti, from Greece, who has won a competition to illustrate one of six  stories with the CP picture shown on the right.
Maria will recieve an E-Book featuring the six stories and their winning illustrations.
You can view more of Maria'swork via her blogsite using the link in Members Blogspots [down and to the right on this page]. The link to Maria's blog is the one in Greek.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Leisure Painter - August 2011 edition

The August edition of Leisure Painter contains 3 seperate articles regarding the use of coloured pencils. 
UKCPS member, Jenny Hill, has a nice article on drawing pansies, and featuring the new Derwent 'Coloursoft Collection' tin (30 Coloursoft + accessories).  A follow-up article next month will feature the Derwent Inktense pencils and blocks.
 There is also a 'follow-me' exercise by Irina Garmashova, using Prismacolor pencils, the subject of which, a beautiful pink orchid, is prominant on the front page of the magazine.
In addition, the magzine features the start of  a new series of articles by Ros Ingram on portraiture in CP using Derwent Artists pencils.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

2011 Open Exhibition - sponsors

Those of you who are awaiting anxiously to find out if you're entries for the Open Exhibition have been successful (and you don't have long to wait - honest!), may be pleased to know that, if you are successful, then there are some fabulous awards on offer for good art.  Amongst the many organisations and individuals sponsoring awards are:  [IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER OF VALUE]

Faber-Castell: Best Picture
UKCPS: Best picture runner-up, and People's Choice
Peter Weatherill: Landscape award
Ann Massey: Excellence in Drawing
Exaclair Ltd:  10 Highly Commended awards
Jacksons Art Supplies: vouchers
Colorfin LLC: 10 Highly Commended awards
St Cuthberts Mill: Paper Pack for mixed media
SAA: art materials
Creativity International Ltd: mixed media award
Staedtler Pencils: cash award
Derwent Pencils: cash award
Lyra: Box of Rembrandt pencils for pure CP
Tim Fisher: Fisher 400 paper
R K Burt: Fabriano pads
Caran D'ache: Prismalo water soluble pencils

The UKCPS is extremely grateful to these sponsors and we hope that society members and readers of this blog will support them in return with their custom.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Lee Coleman - Evening Show advance notice

UKCPS member, Lee Coleman, is holding an evening show on 9 September 2011 at the Bridge House Hotel, in Scunthorpe.
 15 new pieces of work will be available to view, and the evening will also feature Thea Butterworth, a musician from the Royal College of Music, who will be performing on the harp. 
Welcome drinks and canapes will be available, and the evening runs from 8pm until 11pm.
Details are available from Lee's website at:

Marion Brown - Lymington Open Art Exhibition

UKCPS member, Marion Brown has had her 5" x 7" still life picture 'Fruit Salad' [SEE RIGHT]accepted by the Lymington Open Art Exhibition at St Barbe's Museum & Art Gallery.
  Marion is very pleased because the exhibition, which is on until 21 August, was juried, and, as far as she is aware, hers is the only CP work to be accepted.  One of  her pictures was accepted in the same exhibition last year, and was sold. 

Alan Jones & a NEWA follow-up

I finally managed to get to view the NEWA exhibition today.  As usual the standard of entries is very high, and I was therefore pleased to see the number of CP works entered, - and selling!.  I counted thirteen enties if you include a couple of CP + pastel works.
Well done to UKCPS member, Alan Jones, for getting three entries in, and for getting one of them actually printed into the catalogue!
You can view the full exhibition online via:

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Jo Goudie at NEWA

[See my previous Post]  I still haven't had a chance to get to the Gordale Garden Centre to view the exhibition, but UKCPS Silver member, Jo Goudie, has written to say that two of  her CP works (shown on the right) are also on show at the NEWA Exhibition.

Well done to you, Jo

If any other members have works on show, either at NEWA or any other exhibition, please let me know by email [] and if possible enclose a thumbnail of the picture/s.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Brian Ainsworth - NEWA Exhibition

Congratulations to UKCPS member, Brian Ainsworth, for getting three of his drawings accepted into the annual National Exhibition of Wildlife Art at the Gordale Garden Centre, on the Wirral.
Gordale, one fthe largest garden centres on the Wirral, have been hosting this exhibition for a number of years, and its popularity grows year on year.  This year there are over 400 wildlife pictures and craft on display, and as someone who attends every year, I can vouch for the excellence of  the exhibition which features exhibits from many top UK artists.
The exhibition runs from 15th July til Sunday 31 July, and is open from 9.30 to 6pm each day.  Admission is free.
The address is: Gordale Garden Centre, Chester High Road, Burton, Wirral, CH64 8TF

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Sharon Lomas - BBC Merseyside interview

MY APOLOGIES - I PUT IN THE WRONG DATE == 2nd JULY (not 2nd June!!) - now amended!

Sharon Lomas, a Liverpool artist and UKCPS member, has been invited to be interviewed on my local BBC station, Radio Merseyside (95.8 fm & DAB), on this coming Saturday (2nd July). Sharon will be helping to promote the use of coloured pencils as a media, and UKCPS nationally and locally.

The programme, hosted by Helen Jones, is 'Local History', and starts at 3pm, but will feature Sharon in a local interest spot at 5pm. Anyone outside the Merseyside receiving area can listen live online via or via BBC iplayer.

I wish Sharon the best of luck, and if you wish to view some of Sharon's own work then visit her blog site (S A Lomas Pencil Art) via the Members Blogs links - down and to the right on this page.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Robin Borrett & East Leake group

Readers are referred to my blogpost of 9 June
regarding the work of Robin Borrett's East Leake
group who worked to produce a composite copy
of the "Experiment With an Air Pump", by
Joseph Wright of Derby

The finished picture, comprising 28 seperate A4 pieces is shown on the right. It measures 5 x 4 ft
(1500 x 1200 mm).

The picture helped to raise £280.00 for the Air Ambulance, and for Help For Heroes.

Well done to Robin and his group!

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Ken Bromley - Catalogue Competition

Readers might want to visit the Ken Bromley Art Supplies site - to view the call for entries to their catalogue cover competition. The firm are looking for a winning entry to go on the cover of their Autumn/Winter 2011/12 catalogue. Entries can be of any subject and in any medium (not just CP) so long as it is your own unaided work.
Winsor & Newton will be contributing a prize of £100 worth of art materials to the Winner and to the first Runner-up, plus £50worth to the 2nd runer-up. Closing date for entries is 12 July.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Karen Coulson at the Pencil Museum

UKCPS Signature Member, Karen Coulson, will be running workshops at the Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this coming week, and will welcome meeting members even if not attending the workshops.

On Tuesday and Wednesday Karen will be in the room next to the cafe running some FREE 1 hour workshops on "Birds - using Inktense pencils and/or Inktense blocks". On Thursday she will be in the class room running an all-day workshop "Garden Birds using Inktense" the image being two Blue Tits in pink blossom. The Thursday workshop is priced at £40 for the day.

For further details see the Derwent Pencils site-

Janie Thorogood & Angela Hammond

Janie Thorogood has written to me with the following news, and for which I send her my heartiest congratulations:-

"Just thought I'd share some news with you. My grapes picture - "All is Safely Gathered In" voted Best in Show last year at Stamford - has just won the Flowers & Gardens category for the SAA Artist of the Year competition. I'm ecstatic - because the picture means so much to me. My wonderful, late husband would be so proud. It's because of him I'm carrying on with my artwork - so this is all wonderful. The grapes picture rally is bringing in a very special harvest.

Also, the Paeony used in the front of the latest Talking Point has just been purchased by Kew gardens for their collection!"

Not to be outdone......... congratulations are also due to Angela Hammond who gained the prestigious "SAA Artist of the Year" award outright for one of her paintings -- unfortunately, not a coloured pencil work , but an outstanding achievement anyway!

Victoria Parsons - Award winner

Congratulations to UKCPS member, Victoria Parsons, who has been awarded a Gold Citation by the Wildlife Art Society International (TWASI) at their Annual Exhibition held at Nature in Art, Twiggworth, in Gloucetershire.
The Award was presented by international wildlife artist, Polyanna Pickering, and was for the best artwork showing "Behavior typical of the species". The image was of two wolves sparring, and was worked in a range of coloured pencils on Pastelmat. The title of the work was: "Leader of the Pack"

Waterstones - book illustrator wanted!

Waterstones are looking for an unpublished illustrator to provide the illustrations for a fairy tale book by Michael Morpurgo, one of Britain's best loved (and best selling!) children's authors. To find out how to enter, plus full terms and conditions, go to

UKCPS Exhibition - Deadline extended!

The deadline for entries to the UKCPS International Exhibition at Westminster Hall, London, has been extended to 2nd July. The exhibition is open to all artists, and the extension has come about to give time for Hobbycraft, who have just come on board as exhibition sponsers, a chance to advertise their involvement throughout their branches in the UK, and allow Hobbycraft shoppers a chance to get an entry into the exhibition.
Full details of the exhibition, and online entry forms, can be obtained via the UKCPS website

Friday, 10 June 2011

Pauline Longley - SAA Finalist

Congratulations to Pauline Longley, who, on her first attempt to enter the SAA Artist of the Year Competition, has got into the top 62 (out 6000 entries!) and was awarded Commended Finalist for her Zebra picture 'Itchy Feet'.
Naturally, Pauline says she is 'pretty chuffed' to get a CP picture into a London exhibtion. The picture (along with all the other finalists) can be seen at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London, from 21st to 23rd July.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Robin Borrett - East Leake Carnival

Readers may be aware that last year UKCPS Silver Member, Robin Borrett, organised his art group in East Leake to produce a local version of 'The Last Supper' using the faces of art group members as the participants.
This year the group are doing their own version of Joseph Wright's 'Experiment with an Air Pump', and the finished drawing, made up from individual A4 sections painted by members of the group, and measuring 5ft x 4ft, will be on display at the East Leake Carnival on 25th June.
Robin's group use the occasion to raise funds for the Air Ambulance, and for Help For Heroes.
The exhibition can be seen at the Methodist Church, Main Street, East Leake, Loughborough, LE12 6PG, from 3pm to 6pm on the day.

Online newsletters

Members of UKCPS (particularly those overseas), who have not been in reciept of the society newsletter this year can now obtain copies in .pdf format by going to the UKCPS website ( and clicking on the 'Members Log-in' link. Log-in, or get your log-in password if you have never used the facility before.

Gayle Mason - Patchings Stand

Those of you planning to attend the Patchings Art Festival over the next few days may wish to meet UKCPS member, Gayle Mason, on her 'Gayle Mason Fine Art' stand. (Those who are not attending can visit her website at or view her blog at ). Amongst other things, Gayle has a selection of coloured pencil technique booklets for sale on the stand.

Monday, 6 June 2011

Karen Coulson at Patchings

UKCPS Signature member, Karen Coulson, will be on the Derwent stand at this year's Patchings Farm art event, and will be pleased to meet any fellow members. The event (well worth the visit just for the trade stands alone!) is on from this coming Thursday [9th June] to Sunday [12th June].

Monday, 30 May 2011

Maria Villoti - new blog listing- AMENDED

Welcome to new UKCPS member, Maria Villoti, from Greece. She has a blogspot, a link to which you will find in the members blogs section (righthand column - scroll down).
In my original post I intimated that Maria's blog page (written in Greek) needed translation into English.
My sincerest apologies to Maria - I hadn't noticed the translation gadget on the page which enables translation into many different languages. Maria has some lovely work on display - the site is well worth the visit!


Members exhibition

UKCPS stalwarts, Bev Lewis and Pauline Longley, are holding a joint exhibtion of their works in the Cafe Gallery at Bowdens Farm Smokery, Hambridge, Somerset, TA10 0PB (tele: 01448 250875).
The exhibition is on now, and it runs until Sunday 26th June.
(ED: a visit to the Bowdens Farm website is guaranteed to make your mouth water!)

Derwent iPhone App

Derwent are once again in the news with the release of their iPhone App. The App gives you easy access to the key features for each range of Derwent pencils, including full colour charts with lightfast ratings. There are also hints/tips video clips for each range.
The App can also tell you where your nearest stockist is located based on your own location, including telephone No. and travel directions, and also features a 'gallery' section into which you can download photos of your own work.
The Derwent iPhone App is available from the iPhone App Store, or via the Derwent website:

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Alan Jones - Derwent Logo Winner

Derwent Pencils are delighted to announce the winner of their recent 'Decorate Derwent' competition. Entrants were invited to embellish the Derwent logo in any way they wanted, and to let their imaginations run wild.

We are pleased to announce that the winning design came from UKCPS member, Alan Jones.

The design, shown on the right, will be used by Derwent as their profile picture on Facebook and Twitter, and will feature in magazine advertisements.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Lesley Sharman - Ripon Workhouse Museum

UKCPS member, Lesley Sharman, will be taking part in HeArts Heritage Arts Festival at the Ripon Workhouse Museum in North Yorkshire, on 31st May & 1st June, between 10am and 4pm.
Many traditional arts and crafts are being demonstrated including blacksmithing, quilting, spinning, and coracle making.
Lesley will be showing some CP artwork as well as demonstrating, and she has designed simple Victorian-style samplers which visitors can produce using coloured pencil on paper.
The festival runs from 30th May to 1st June, normal museum admission charges apply, with free activities for children.
For further details visit: or

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Pauline Longley - demo

UKCPS Signature member, Pauline Longley, will be demonstrating at the 'Meeting House Art Centre', in Ilminster, on 14 May 2011, between 10 am and 1 pm. Any blog readers (UKCPS members, or not) who are in the vicinity on the day will be welcomed to call in and have a chat!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Pencil Museum - New website!

In line with it's 30th birthday celebrations, the Pencil Museum in Keswick has launched a new website ( .

The new site is more user friendly, and features details of all the forthcoming fun days, events, and drawing demonstrations at the museum, plus a range of downloadable projects and drawing templates with a special emphasis on children's activities.

One of the new additions to the list of well-known artists demonstrating at the museum will be UKCPS member, Ann Swan, one of the country's leading botanical artists.

The birthday celebrations are a two day event over the 29th/ 30th May, and UKCPS will feature in the celebrations with the 'World of Coloured Pencils' exhibition which will be on display at the museum from 28 May to 25 June 2011. You will also have a chance to meet fellow members who will be present during the celebration weekend.

Derwent - & the royal wedding!

To celebrate the wedding of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Cumberland Pencil Co. has produced a special presentation box called 'The Majestic'. It's a limited edition of only 500, of which No.1 has been given to the happy couple as a wedding gift.

Made from Maple with a Walnut veneer, the box is filled with a selection of water-soluble pencils and blocks, together with a range of accessories. To mark the occasion, Derwent has commissioned artist Angela Gaughan-Owens to draw a portrait of the wedding couple using the pencils featured in the box. A reproduction of the portrait is included within the box, and the original will be on display at the Pencil Museum in Keswick.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Australian Coloured Pencils Network

Many of our viewers, and including some UKCPS members, are actually resident abroad. I have received a timely reminder of this fact via a note from a sister organisation, The Australian Coloured Pencils Network [ACPN] who have highlighted the call for entries for their next exhibition which is on the theme of 'colours of where I live'. The exhibition is only open to australian residents, and the the deadline for enties is 15 May 2011. However, even non-Aussie readers might wish to visit the ACPN website where there are some interesting video tutorials on basic CP techniques such as layering and burnishing. go to: for more information about the exhibition, and about the Network itself. Alan

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Graham Brace - in the news

Graham Brace, UKCPS member and a well-known CP artist, is chuffed to bits at the moment, and all because he is appearing as one of ten coloured pencil artists featured in the latest edition of one of France's premier art magazines, 'Practiques des Arts'.

The March edition of the magazine is promoting coloured pencil as an art medium, and features 10 international CP artists, of which Graham is the only UK representative, within its monthly 'Portfolio' section.

One of the other UKCPS artists featured is Ann Kulberg, the well-known American artist, and authoress of some excellant books on colour pencil art.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Karen Middleton - Exhibition

UKCPS member, Karen Middleton, is holding her first solo exhibition next month. The exhibition is entitled ' Faeries, Faces, and Felines' and is being held at Lincoln Central Library from 18th to 21st April 2011, open from 9.30 to 4.30.

See more of Karen's work by visiting her blogsite from the Members Blog list on this page, or via the Members Galleries on the UKCPS website:

A little bit of good news from Japan

As I write, the ongoing situation in Japan is terrible. Good to hear then, that UKCPS friend, and founder of the Coloured Pencil Society of Japan, Takako Ikuta, is safe and well in Osaka. The best wishes of UKCPS go to her, and to the people of Japan, at this time.


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