Wednesday, 17 March 2010

UKCPS Members' Galleries page updated for signature status

Liz Ridley, the UKCPS Webmaster, has amended the Members' Galleries page on the UKCPS website. This now indicates which members with gallery pages also have full signature status by including UKCPS after their names.

The initials UKCPS after a member's name indicates that he or she achieved signature status with the Society by having had their work exhibited in 3 Annual International Open Exhibitions within a 5 year period.

Two caveats to the listing:
  • Not all signature members of the UKCPS are listed as not all have gallery pages.
  • Some UKCPS members are signature members of other national art societies.
Any member, signature or otherwise, can have a gallery page on the UKCPS website
If, as a full member of the UKCPS, you wish to show your work in this gallery, please send in three JPG images of your work (your images should be at least 600 pixels in the largest dimension), the size of the original pieces, a biography, contact details and other relevant information to the webmaster. You will be notified of inclusion.
Existing members below are also encouraged to update their pages - please contact the webmaster with any new images or updated biographies.


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