Thursday, 30 October 2008

Carol Bramley UKCPS wins the People's Vote

The UKCPS Annual Exhibition closed on Tuesday. The final prize to be awarded for this year's Exhibition is the People's Vote. This is awarded on the basis of the public votes cast in the exhibition. 228 people in total voted for which picture they liked the best and 54 of the 63 pictures received at least one vote.

Congratulations to the artists whose artwork achieved the top ten. The names of the artists, the title of the picture and the number of votes they received are as follows:

1. Carol Bramley UKCPS, 'Black Watch', 22 votes
2. Alastair Howie, 'Victoria Street Edinburgh', 17 votes

Victoria Street, Edinburgh by Alastair Howie
18cm x 34cm, prismacolor on Arches, NFS

3. Peter Hoehsl, 'Facing the Enemy', 15 votes
4. Richard Childs UKCPS, 'Out to Grass', 14 votes
5. Felicity Grace, 'Paul', 10 votes
6. Nicole Caulfield, 'Rob', 9 votes
7. Pauline Longley, 'Floss', 8 votes
8. Kate Clarke, 'Me me, You me'; Margaret Edwards, 'Watching and Waiting' and Bev Lewis UKCPS, 'Bad Hair Day' - all received 7 votes

Please note that the images in this post are all those works in the top ten which haven't been previously featured on this blog in either
Pat Heffer, Honorary Secretary of UKCPS and the Exhibition Director commented about each of the popular pictures as follows
Carol Bramley was the only artist to achieve full marks from all 3 of our entry judges and also won the first prize so it was very appropriate that she should also receive the public vote award.

Poor Alastair Howie forgot to take his pictures to the gallery at the correct time, missing out on the main judging so I was especially pleased to see that he came second in the Public vote.

The eyes in Peter Hoehsol's picture 'Facing the enemy' followed you round the should have been called the 'Mona Lisa Cat'!...and the way in which he had drawn the fur was amazing.

Richard Childs won Ann Kulberg's on-line competition, 'From my Perspective' with 'Out to Grass' so it is very appropriate that the public put him high in the list.

Paul by Felicity Grace, 30cm x 42cm, Cretacolor Aqua Monoliths on Cartridge NFS

Felicity Grace came to the Private view all the way from Geneva, where she lives. It was lovely to be able to meet her and her brother Paul who is the subject of her picture.

Rob by Nicole Caulfield, 28cm x 34cm, Faber Castell Polychromos on Fisher 400, NFS

Nicole Caulfield's picture 'Rob' was a UK commission and a truly beautiful portrait; I was delighted that the public thought so too.

Pauline Longley's 'Floss' just made you laugh! The title is so appropriate too! A brilliant picture!

Kate Clarke's 'Me me, You me' is a fantastic concept; do have a look at it if you have not done so already. She also entered 'The Art of Communication' which once again caused a lot of dialogue at the exhibition because it conveyed so much meaning. Where does she get her ideas from?

Margaret Edwards picture 'Watching and Waiting' was sold at the very last minute! A lady walked in just as we were packing everything up, spotted Margaret's picture, asked us not to wrap it for 10 minutes, came back in again and promptly bought it! Mind you I am not at all surprised as it is a most beautiful study of a cat 'waiting.'

Bev Lewis' 'Bad Hair day' is of course fantastic...a picture I would love to hang on my wall, but unfortunately it was NFS

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Prizes for Peter Woof UKCPS and Suzy Herbert UKCPS

Kew Waterlilies 1 by Peter Woof

Congratulations to UKCPS Signature Members Peter Woof and Suzy Herbert who both received highly commended awards for their work which was juried into the 87th Annual Open Exhibition of the Society of Graphical Fine Art
  • The Award for a Highly Commended Drawing (Sponsored by Stabilo) Kew Waterlilies 1 by Peter Woof
  • The Award for a Highly Commended Work in Monochrome (Sponsored by STABILO) - The Generation Gap by Suzy Herbert.
The exhibition was held at the Menier Gallery between 30th September and 11th October.

Frank Kiely, the prize-winning fine art printmaker and a Council Member of the Royal Society of Painter Printmakers was invited by the SGFA to award the prizes. I was talking to Frank last week and he told me how it took him three hours to decide how to allocate the various awards as the standard of work was so high. You can see Peter and Suzy's work, along with that of the other award winners by scrolling down the page on the home page of the SGFA website

Readers of this blog will recall that both Peter and Suzy also won prizes at this year's UKCPS Annual Exhibition as well (see UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2008 - Award Winners). This exhibition finishes next Tuesday and if you've not seen it yet you can find details of how to visit in 7th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008 and AGM.

If you are a UKCPS member, do please let me know if you've won a prize for your art or received a commendation in a juried exhibition with another art society.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Works selected for UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2008

A view of some of the works in the exhibition

The works - and artists - selected for exhibition in the UKCPS Annual International Open Exhibition in 2008 are listed below.

Click the image below to see a complete list of members and the titles of all accepted works. Members may submit and have up to three works selected.

You can see other related posts about the 2008 exhibition below.


Wednesday, 8 October 2008

UKCPS - new signature members

The initials UKCPS after a member's name indicates that they are Signatory members of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society, having had pictures exhibited in three exhibitions within a five year period.

crowds at the Private View,
7th Annual Exhibition

indicate Silver Signature status - pictures accepted in 5 exhibitions in 10 years - and UKCPS indicates Gold status - pictures accepted in 10 exhibitions in 15 years.

(Note - the colour is normally only used on the UKCPS website to denote the status of different members exhibiting)

New Signature Members

UKCPS members who gained signature status with this year's exhibition are as follows:
Silver Signature status

UKCPS members who managed to achieve silver signature status when their entries were selected for this year's exhibition are:
You can see their work on the 2008 Annual Exhibition page of the UKCPS website. Links in members names are to their member's gallery or website.

Tomorrow, the post will be about the names of artists whose work was selected for the Annual Exhibition.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2008 - Highly Commended

Today, UKCPS News features those artists whose work has been awarded a Highly Commended Certificate in UKCPS's 7th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008.

They are listed in alphabetical order below. Links are to UKCPS members' galleries (where applicable) or the artist's website.
Please remember that the copyright to each image belongs to the artist and they should not be downloaded without written permission.
Richard Childs 'Journey's End' and 'Out to Grass'

Margaret Edwards
'Bertie's daydream' (left)
Pamela Green 'Grandma's Garden' (right)

Alastair Howie 'Calle Mercaderes, Cuba' (left)
Roger Lewis 'Fascination' (right)

Pauline Longley 'Floss' (left)
Jonathan Newey 'Scruffy' (right)

Elizabeth Riordon
'Sunrise Amaryllis' (left)
Peter Woof 'Red Cloth' (right)

Each artist will be receiving a pack of 20 mixed sheets of Rising Stonehenge paper from Legion Paper plus a pad of Stonehenge paper.

All the works on display in the exhibition can now be seen on the 2008 Annual Exhibition page on the website. These provide more details about each work and, if you click the image, you can see a larger image of the work.

Tomorrow, the blog will be featuring those UKCPS members who have achieved signature status or a change in their signature status.


Monday, 6 October 2008

UKCPS Annual Exhibition 2008 - Award Winners

The artists and works winning Awards were formally announced at the Private View for UKCPS's 7th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008 in Bristol yesterday.

All the Award winners were selected by Neil Murison, the Curator of the New Gallery of the Royal West of England Academy where the exhibition is being held.

Faber Castell Award for Best in Show (£400.00)
UKCPS Annual Open International Exhibition 2008
"Facing the Enemy" by Peter Höhsl
coloured pencil, 29 x 21cm,

UKCPS Award for Reserve Best in Show (£300.00)
"Black Watch" by Carol Bramley
coloured pencil, 23 x 16" (framed 36 x 31cm) £425

The Presidents Award (£100)
'Night's Agents' by Nicole Caulfield
coloured pencil, 28 x 36cm (43 x 50cm) £3,200

The Founder's Award for Best UK entry (£100)
'Bad Hair Day' by Bev Lewis
coloured pencil, 26 x 20 cm (42 x 32cm framed) Not For Sale

The Staedtler Award (£100)
'Green Plate' by Peter Woof
13 x 19 cm (39 x 46cm framed) £665

The Derwent Award (£100 voucher Derwent catalogue products)
'Me me, You me' by Kate Clarke
coloured pencil, 27 x 43cm (41 x 57cm framed) £320

The Chairman's Award for Best Landscape (£75)
'View of Torquay' by Galini Dimitriadou
coloured pencil, 30 x 40cm (45 x 55cm framed) £535

Sophie's award for the most innovative entry (£50)
'Self Portrait II' by Suzy Herbert

coloured pencil, 25 x 59cm (35 x 70cm framed) £350

The Caran D'Ache Award (presentation box of pencils)
'Watching and Waiting' by Margaret Edwards
coloured pencil, 41 x 31cm (54 x 64cm framed) £350

The Lyra Award (presentation box of pencils)
'Dry skull Ranch' by Elizabeth Riordon
coloured pencil, 35 x 45cm (51 x 61cm framed) Not For Sale

Links are to members galleries on the UKCPS website or their own websites.
Please remember that the copyright to each image belongs to the artist and they should not be downloaded without written permission.
Peoples Vote: This will be awarded at the end of October after the exhibition closes on 28th October. This award is based on the number of votes each work receives.

Sponsors and judges

UKCPS very much appreciates the support it has received from:
Exhibition details

Later today, the UKCPS website will have a new page displaying all the works in the exhibition. I'll provide a link in this post once the new page has been published.

If you want to visit the exhibition you can find it for the next three weeks in the New Gallery of the Royal West of England Academy, Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX. It's open until Tuesday 28th October. Opening hours on Monday to Saturday are from 10.00am - 5.30pm and on Sunday it's open in the afternoon from 2.00-5.00pm. Last admission is half an hour before closing.

For further details see this post 7th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008 and AGM.

Works for sale

All works are for sale unless otherwise indicated. Shipping and associated insurance costs are not included in the purchase price.

All sales of work in the exhibition are managed by the RWA Gallery. Purchases can be paid for by cash, cheque or credit card or interest-free credit (the latter involves using the Own Art Scheme). Payments are made direct to the RWA. All enquiries about purchasing without visiting the Gallery must be directed to the RWA Gallery. If you have any other enquiries please contact Pat Heffer, the Exhibition Director (right click to copy the email address).

...and there's more to follow

This week I'm highlighting different groups of people in the entries over the next few days:
  • Tuesday: Highly Commended entries to the exhibition
  • Wednesday: UKCPS Members awarded signature status as a result of their acceptance into this year's exhibition
  • Thursday: List of Works and Artists selected for the exhibition.

Saturday, 4 October 2008

7th Annual Open International Exhibition 2008 and AGM

UKCPSA Private View Invitation
'Black Watch' by Carol Bramley, Coloured Pencil 23 x 16cm

Yesterday, the 7th UKCPS Annual Open Exhibition opened at the New Gallery of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol,

This year the Exhibition attracted a total of 152 entries from 74 people in 11 different countries! This is a huge increase on previous years. The number of entries was up 30% while the number of people entering increased by a massive 42%! However, it's also very pleasing to record that the the standard of entries received has also been very high as already indicated by Pat Heffer, Exhibition Director, in September's Talking Point.

The three jurors who selected which works would be hung in this year's exhibition were:
Private View and Prizewinners

Members will be aware from the website, the September edition of Talking Point and the Private View invitation that you will have recently received (see top) that you were all invited to attend the Private View tomorrow afternoon (5th October) between 2pm to 5pm.

Final decisions about the complete list of prizewinners are being made tomorrow morning and then the prizewinners will be announced:
  • at the Private View on Sunday 5th October
  • in a post on this blog on Monday morning.
The website is also being updated with images of the work being hung and will feature the prizewinners after they are announced. I'll let you know on this blog when the new page is published.

UKCPS very much appreciates the support it has received from this year's three excellent jurors and Faber Castell, the sponsors of this year's exhibition and the manufacturers of Polychromos artists´ colour pencils and Albrecht Durer artists´ watercolour pencils.

Gallery opening and sales

The exhibition runs until Tuesday 28th October. It's open Monday to Saturday from 10.00am - 5.30pm. On Sunday it's open in the afternoon from 2.00-5.00pm. Last admission is half an hour before closing.

Most works in the exhibition are for sale. The RWA are approved by the Arts Council England to run the scheme called Own Art which helps people to make the purchase of art more affordable. See this page for more information.

Getting to the Gallery

The exhibition is in the New Gallery of the Royal West of England Academy, Queens Road, Clifton, Bristol BS8 1PX.

Click here for directions to Royal West of England Academy. It is expected that parking will not be a problem as there is free on street parking in the streets around the Academy. People coming by train are warned that the station is quite a distance from the Academy.

Annual General Meeting

Just a reminder to all UKCPS members that, as previously notified, they are all invited to the AGM which is being held tomorrow Sunday 5th October in the New Gallery of the Royal West of England Academy in Bristol starting at 10.00am.

Please refer to the Chairman's article in the last edition of Talking Point which refers to some of the matters which will be discussed tomorrow.

Please note that it's expected that there will be at least an hour's break between the AGM and the start of the Private View when the winners will be announced.

Note: The Royal West of England Academy is one of only five Royal Academies of Art in the UK. It is a registered charity which has been self-supporting for over 150 years and possesses an outstanding Grade II* listed building, galleries and permanent fine art collection



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