Wednesday, 26 June 2013

UKCPS Open Exhibition entries -- No 2

The full list of successful entries is being published on the UKCPS website: , but for those of you who have entered, but not been successful, I offer the following message from our President, Pat Heffer:

Dear All,

Many congratulations to everyone who has had work accepted for the  Patchings exhibition. I wish I was one of you, but unfortunately neither of my  pictures was accepted, which although of course is most disappointing, has made  me focus on doing even better work for our 2014 exhibition, as there is  always room for improvement.

 Is anyone else in the same position?

 If so, my  advice is concentrate hard on next year's exhibition when there will be a  different set of judges, and you will come up with some even more fantastic entries. Do not give up!
 I certainly will not.

 I have already been out in the garden taking photos for my absolutely brilliant entry for next year!! 

 Watch this space!

All the Best,
Pat Heffer

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

UKCPS Open Exhibition - entries

The results of the judging for entries to the forthcoming UKCPS Open Exhibition (1st September to 6 October 2013) at Patchings Art Centre, Calverton, Near Nottingham, are being announced.

Successful artists will be notified by email (or post), so my congratulations if you have had pictures selected.  The notification will include the instructions for getting your picture/s to and from the site, so please read them carefully!

Friday, 7 June 2013

Ugly Images at Patchings Festival!

Visitors to the Patchings Art Festival (today, Saturday & Sunday) are warned that they may see some disturbing sights within the Art Materials marquee:
(L to Rt) Pauline Longley, Sue Herbert, Will Johnson, Barbara Murray, & Me

This is the sort of area to avoid if you do not wish to be accosted by weirdly dressed humanoids: -

On the other hand  --- you might want to visit them in order to obtain one of these interesting, and very, very, fashionable garments:
(you can also order one via the UKCPS website:


Sunday, 2 June 2013

Exhibition reminder & News for members

A quick note to remind readers that next Wednesday [5th June],  is the final deadline for entries to the UKCPS Open International Exhibition. Entry forms and Conditions of Entry can be downloaded from the society website (  Entries can be sent by email to : , and you can use Paypal to pay for your entries via:

News for members

If you log on to the Members-Only section of the society website and go to the Members Documents section ------

1. You can download a copy of the amended UKCPS Constitution which will be proposed for acceptance by the membership at the next AGM.

2.  You can download an order form for the newly available UKCPS 'T' shirt

See the shirt itself -- when you visit the UKCPS Stand in the Art Materials Marquee at the Patchings Art Festival, Calverton, Notts. this coming week, 6th to 9th June!


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