Sunday, 21 June 2009

FINAL REMINDER: 24th June - deadline for UKCPS exhibition entries

You have three days left to submit work for the 8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2009.

You need to post your entry first class tomorrow to be sure it arrives by Wednesday 24th June which is the final day for accepting entries into the Annual Exhibition of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society which this year is being held in Birmingham.

If you post on Tuesday you need to think about paying for Special Delivery (before 12 midday) to make sure it gets to the Exhibition Secretary on time.

Rachel Pesterfeld and Jinny (top)
UKCPS Award for Runner Up - Angels Trumpets (below)

World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition, Keswick
copyright the artist / Photo by Pat Heffer

Below you can find a checklist of things you need to do today and tomorrow if you've not dispatched an entry yet

What you need to do TODAY

Identify your entries

You can enter more than one work!
  • UKCPS full members: Identify up to 4 WORKS
  • associate members: identify up to 3 WORKS to submit
  • non-members: identify up to two works to submit
Here's a brief checklist of questions - with comments on eligibility
  • Is it 100% coloured pencil? (If not, then it's not eligible - the entry form states which media do and do not count as coloured pencils)
  • Is it two dimensional? (Collage, montage and three-dimensional work is inadmissable)
  • Does it demonstrate your own compositional and drawing skills? (You can't copy other people's work in any media)
  • Did you take the reference photos you used for all or most of your composition/subject? (You can't copy other people's photos - even if you've got permission)
  • Did you develop and complete your work without help? (work done under instruction or in class or workshops is ineligible)
  • Did you draw over a digital reproduction? (If you did this renders the work ineligible)
  • Do you have the permission of your subject if your work is a portrait? (You can't use an individual's image without their specific permission)
  • Can you provide evidence that your entry is all your own work?
  • Is your work for sale? (Only one 'not for sale' work allowed)
Number of Exhibition Entries and Entry Fees

Here's table which summarises how many works you can enter and how much each entry costs

#1 entry
#2 entry
#3 entry
#4 entry
Full member
Associate member
not applicable
not applicable
not applicable

For future reference if you live overseas, the fees for entering two works is very nearly the same as the annual subscription fee for a full member. It's worth thinking about whether it would be better to pay for a membership subscription!

You need to pay by cheque made payable to UKCPS. To pay online contact the Treasurer (details on the entry form).

Shirley Henderson and (top) Ready when you are
World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition, Keswick
copyright the artist / Photo by Pat Heffer

Complete the paperwork
  • download the entry form from the UKCPS website
  • measure your work framed AND unframed
    • unframed is the size of the image
    • if not yet framed work out the approximate dimensions it would be when framed - allowing for both mat and frame
  • complete the paperwork
    • produce a statement about yourself (this is where artists' statements on websites come in useful!)
    • produce a short statement about each work being entered. This will be on a card fixed to the wall next to the work if it is selected
    • make sure you say what materials you used (pencls and support)
    • work out a price INCLUDING commission for each work
    • complete your contact details
Create reproductions of the work
  • scan or photograph the work
    • crop to exclude any background and frames
    • adjust to create a faithful image (if you make it look better than it actually is it may get rejected after shipping)
    • save @ 300 dpi if printing
    • a TIFF file provides a better print than a JPEG file
  • make sure each print is clearly identified and labelled on the reverse
  • if including the work on CD Rom, remember to name each digital file in a way which makes it identifiable as your work! (eg blogmaster#1, blogmaster#2 or use the title of the work)
  • create a reproduction of each work
    • produce a colour print (up to A4 in size)
    • produce a colour photo (up to A4 in size)
    • use a photographic service to produce a print or photo
    • save the digital file(s) to a CD Rom
  • find something suitable to pack your CD Rom or prints in and/or protect them.
What you need to do tomorrow
  • make sure your package includes:
    • digital files as reproduction (CD Rom or colour prints)
    • entry form
    • cheque for exhibition fees
  • get your package in the post!
Contact Pat Heffer, the Exhibition Secretary if you have any queries - her email address and telephone number are on the entry form

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Peter Woof in the 110th Annual Exhibition of The Pastel Society

Topiary Levens by Peter Woof UKCPS
coloured pencil
in the current exhibition by the Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries
copyright the artist / photo Katherine Tyrrell

Former UKCPS prizewinner Peter Woof ASGFA UKCPS has one of his works - Topiary Levens - currently on display in the 108th Annual Exhibition of The Pastel Society at the Mall Galleries in central London.

The exhibition continues until 3pm on Sunday 21st June 2009.

Coloured pencil artists and UKCPS members might like to note that the The Pastel Society accepts entries in: pastels, including oil pastels, charcoal, pencil, conté, sanguine or any dry media. Further details about the annual exhibition are available on the Pastel Society website and the Mall Galleries website
Art Education

Peter trained at the City & Guilds of London Art School then went on to a Postgraduate Course at the Royal Academy Schools, gaining his Royal Academy Certificate in 1981. He was awarded a prize in the 1980 Royal Academy Student show. He won the prize for Best Picture in Show at the Society of Graphic Fine Art annual exhibition in 2004.

Peter has exhibited at the Royal Academy, Mall Galleries and many other galleries in England and abroad. He now lives and works in Leamington Spa and is married with a son and a daughter.

His work today is definitely in the realist tradition. However from his earliest days he has been interested in abstract art particularly looking at the work of the American and St Ives schools and this way of thinking still informs his work today. He wants the picture as a whole to have an abstract strength and presence but also to be particular in detail.


One of the main influences of his work is Japanese art, Hiroshige and Hokusai to name just two of the many great artists. Their use of flat space, pattern and above all their sense of design. He sees picture making as much about design as looking.


He uses a mixture of Karisma and Derwent Artist pencils on 300lb NOT surface watercolour paper. He particularly likes the intense colour that can be acheived with the Karisma pencils.

extract from the UKCPS gallery page for Peter Woof


Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UKCPS member Janie Pirie wins an RHS Gold Medal!

PEACH Prunus persica 'Springtime'
Janie Pirie SBA GM

coloured pencils
copyright the artist

I had an excited email from Janie Pirie SBA UKCPS yesterday telling me that she has won:
  • A Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. This was awarded at the RHS Botanical Art Exhibition at BBC Gardener’s World at the NEC in Birmingham last week.
  • a crystal vase for ‘Best Botanical Artist in Show 2009’.
I’ve just got an RHS GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled as you can imagine! All the work was done in coloured pencil – and the general public were totally amazed at the results one can get with them. We’re spreading the word!!
Securing a gold medal means a lot of hard work. For those who are interested - and to understand better what it is that Janie has achieved - here are the Royal Horticultural guidelines for exhibiting botanical artwork

Consideration will only be given to works that are primarily of botanical interest, and paintings and drawings should be at least life-size. Miniatures are unsuitable for the Society’s RHS shows. To be considered at least eight pieces of work must be displayed.

Particular credit is given for botanical accuracy, exact colour reproduction and attention to detail. Higher awards tend to be given to larger, comprehensive exhibits illustrating a particular theme or plant family. Pictures are judged as a complete exhibit so that, if one or two works are of a lower standard than the others with which they are shown, the level of award will be affected. Gold Medals are only awarded to exhibits of outstanding and consistent excellence.

As far as exhibits are concerned choice of subject is left to the artist. The main emphasis is on botanical interest, and the exhibit should have a coherent theme. Paintings and drawings can be of any dimension (within reason) but, where possible, subjects should be depicted at least life-size. Where the subject is depicted more than life-size a scale must be indicated.

Exhibition of botanical art at RHS Shows - Regulations for Botanical Artwork (Paintings & Drawings)

Earlier this month Janie was also awarded the Runner-Up Best In Show at the UKCPS 7th 'World of Coloured Pencils' Annual Exhibition in Keswick.

You can read more about Janie Pirie in Janie Pirie UKCPS is Highly Commended which focused on the work she exhibited in the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists in April 2009.

UKCPS member Janie Pirie at the SBA Exhibition
with five of her coloured pencil botanical drawings.


REMINDER: You have nine days left to submit work for the 8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2009

Monday, 15 June 2009

10 days left to submit your UKCPS Annual Exhibition entry

There are just ten days left until the deadline for all entries to the 8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2009

All entries need to reach Pat Heffer, the Exhibition Secretary by Wednesday 24th June 2009.

Suzy Herbert with her drawing Cherry Blossom
World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition, Keswick

copyright the artist / Photo by Pat Heffer

Exhibition entries can be submitted by members and non members located anywhere in the world. So if you use coloured pencils for your artwork why not have a go at entering?

No original work is accepted. All exhibition entries need to be POSTED with the submission form and can be:
  • EITHER good prints or photos (maximum size A4 8.25" x 11.7")
  • OR high resolution scans on a CD
Details of where to post the entry is on the submission form which can be downloaded from the UKCPS website

All entries need to detail
  • the artist's name
  • title of the work
  • price
  • framed and unframed sizes in centimetres
  • brief details about the work - including type of pencils and support used and reasons for choosing the subject.
All entries are viewed anonymously by the jury who only know the title and size of the work.

You can find more details about what work is eligible and how to enter:
You've still got time to enter if you get started today!

Note: Images are of UKCPS members and their artwork in the current "World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition" at the Pencil Museum in Keswick will feature in reminders about the deadline for the Annual Exhibition over the next 7 days.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Karen Coulson in final of the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year

Siberian Eagle Owl
33cm width x 24cms depth unframed; Caran d'Ache Prismalo coloured pencils on mountboard
copyright Karen Coulson

Karen Coulson has had her drawing in coloured pencils of a Siberian Eagle Owl accepted in the competition to find the BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year.

We asked Karen for an interview and this is what she had to say.

What's your approach to wildlife art? Why are you interested in it?

I love the detail and challenge of drawing fur or feathers. I try to capture the essence of the animal in the eye. I prefer to draw a portrait rather than the whole animal or a scene. I do a lot of domestic animal portraits for commission. I enjoy human life drawing aswell but have no desire to complete a human portrait.

How do you generate your reference photos?

I like to go on photographic days with other artists. This year I have been to Port Lympne Zoo in Kent with the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society (MIWAS) and to the British Wildlife Centre in Sussex with a fellow artist. Although these days cost a bit more than normal zoo entry fees you can spend more time up close with the animals and hopefully get better quality pictures.

What's the story behind your piece and why did you choose to enter this one?

I photographed this Siberian Eagle Owl, called Sugarpuff, at Liberty's Rapture and Reptile Centre in Ringwood, Hampshire.

I originally drew him to exhibit at MIWAS Exhibition 08. I entered him into the World Birds behaviour and portrait category because I felt he fitted into the portrait section rather well. I thought his bright orange eye would make an impact. Sometimes you can draw a fabulous picture for a competition, but if it does meet the requirements of what they are looking for, it will not get into the next round regardless of how good it is.

What pencils and support did you use for your artwork and why did you choose them?

I used Caran D’ache Prismalo pencils. They are very hard and sharpen to a fine point. They are also water soluble.To get the intense black feathers I added water to an initial layer of dark brown. Then I applied black over the top. Also, I used a fine brush to pick up some colour to apply some of the feather textures in the body and to define the fluffy feathers around the beak. For my support I used mount board. It will take small quantities of water without sustaining any damage.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background as an artist

I've always enjoyed art and crafts and went to Art College to study fashion and design. Marriage and three sons followed. As the boys have got older - they're now teenagers - I've been able to return to my art and recently was able to give up my part time job to concentrate solely on my artwork.

I've just qualified to be a tutor in adult education through gaining my Level 4 Certificate in Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector.

I will be demonstrating Derwent products for 2 days and then running a 1 day workshop at the Cumberland Pencil Museum Keswick in July, plus I will be running one day workshops at my local secondary school.

Note: BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year Competition
The competition is new this year, is open to both professional and amateur artists and is free to enter. It has 14 different categories. Each category will have a winner chosen by our panel of expert judges, and their artwork will be displayed with the annual exhibition of the Marwell International Wildlife Art Society and published in BBC Wildlife in August 2009. Plus, the overall winner will be awarded the title ‘BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009’ and will win a place on the 2010 Festival of Wildlife in Brazil (see far right).

Saturday, 6 June 2009

World of Coloured Pencils 2009 - The Artists

The World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition - various works #1
copyright - the artists; photograph - Dave Richards

We also need to thank all the artists who contributed work to the exhibition this year - including all those who missed out on having their work exhibited - and there's a tip at the end of this post for next year!

The artists who are exhibiting this at The World of Coloured Pencils Annual Exhibition 2009 at The Cumberland Pencil Museum Keswick this year are (in alphabetical order):
  1. Joan Batty
  2. Linda Brand
  3. James Brinsford
  4. Sue Clinker
  5. Sheila Fielder
  6. Angela Hammond
  7. Judith Heilbronn-Crown
  8. Shirley Henderson
  9. Suzy Herbert
  10. Jane Holford Atkin
  11. Patricia Hunt
  12. Bev Lewis
  13. Pauline Longley
  14. Frances Lowe
  15. Alan McMahon
  16. Alison Perkins
  17. Rachel Pesterfield
  18. Janie Pirie
  19. Lesley Sharman
  20. Sue Smith
  21. Rachel Stirling
  22. Edwin Thornber
  23. Ursula Williams
  24. Glynis Wilson
Links are to the members individual galleries on the UKCPS website. On each page you can learn more about the artists and also find links to their own personal websites and/or blogs.

The World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition - various works #2
copyright - the artists; photograph - Dave Richards

Dave Richards had this comment for all those members who entered work
Finally I would very much thank all those who entered and was very sorry we cannot hang them all. The space regretably is very limited, and we took the chance to reassess this whilst at Keswick and feel 24 is the maximum. It is again an exhibition of very high standard, the numbers participating in cp is growing and standards are rising. It was great to have 7 newcomers included and sign that the society is catering for the needs of all abilities.
The World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition - various works #3
copyright - the artists; photograph - Dave Richards

Tip for next year - do NOT send your work before the first date for posting. Some entries were eliminated this year because they arrived too soon! The works accepted from UKCPS members only are literally the first 24 entries received AFTER the specified date.


Thursday, 4 June 2009

Keswick: Thanks to Derwent and the volunteers

The volunteers
Left to right: Dave and Sylvia Richards, John Heffer, Suzy Herbert, Tricia Hunt, Pat Heffer, Shirley and Eric Henderson, Eileen and Eric Armstrong

Thanks are due to a number of people who help make the 2009 World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition in Keswick a success.

First of all, I'd like to offer my own personal thanks to Dave Richards who organised the exhibition this year for providing me very promptly with the details for this post and the two previous posts on this blog this week:

Derwent kindly host the Annual 'World of Coloured Pencils' exhibition at the The Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick each year and the exhibition is judged by Derwent staff at the Museum. UKCPS would specially like to thank Alex Spencer, the Museum Manager and Kath Thompson who led on judging this year's entries.

Dave commented
I would like to include a thank you to the judges and staff for their hospitality, as we always receive such a warm welcome from all the staff at the museum. We're also very pleased to highlight Derwent's continued help and generosity in hosting the event every year and providing such super prizes.
There's lots to see at the Museum besides the Exhibition - you can see what's on at the museum events page for June.
The exhibition is turning out to be a real talking point with the customers visiting the Museum.
Alex Spencer
Leisure Painters Magazine

UKCPS would also like to thank the Leisure Painters Magazine for providing the prize of two years subscription to the magazine for our Best Newcomer.

The volunteers

An exhibition always takes a long time to organise and then often has to move very fast at the end in terms of transporting work, getting it hung and communicating about it. As with all UKCPS activities, nothing happens or moves without the involvement of the people who volunteer their help in an official capacity, as a member - and even as a spouse or partner of a member!

The two principal people who are involved in organising the show are Pat Heffer, the UKCPS Exhibitions Secretary and Dave Richards whose principal responsibility is organising this show. They are both supported by a number of members and members' partners.

Here's what Dave had to tell me about the contribution made by the volunteers.
The helpers were wonderful as always and we could not manage without them, in collecting pictures and transporting them to Keswick, unwrapping and hanging. It is wonderful to have so many experienced eyes to settle on the final arrangement, although it does mean numerous picture movements which can very often be reversed and changed again. This can get a bit fraught but we always have great fun and it is a good social occasion for all including those members who join in on the day.

I would add my congratulations to all the winners. I have never come near getting an award personally but it is always a thrill to have a picture in this exhibition.
It should be noted that Dave didn't enter a picture this year as there were so many entries for this exhibition!

Finally a special mention for Liz Ridley, the UKCPS webmaster who remained wonderfully unflappable when a serious power failure near her home meant she lost all access to broadband for an unknown length of time while they dug up the road - just as she was about start posting all the competition entries to the UKCPS website!

If you've not already checked it, you can now see the online exhibition on the UKCPS website.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

World of Coloured Pencils 2009 - Other Award Winners

Following on from Monday's post - Keswick - exhibition opens and awards announced - which featured the Best in Show Award, this post has images by the other artists winning awards at the 2009 Annual 'World of Coloured Pencils' Exhibition at The Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick.

The artwork is judged by Derwent staff as Derwent is our host for this exhibition, led on this occasion by Kath Thompson, the Assistant Manager of the Museum.

The UKCPS Award for ‘Reserve Best in Show’

‘Neigh-bours’ £180.00
Pauline Longley
Pencils: Faber Castell / Paper: Fisher 400 sanded paper
This picture of the horses was inspired by a photo taken last summer. I imagined their breath on a cold winter’s morning to give some atmosphere.
You can see more of Pauline's art on her website

UKCPS Award for Runner Up

Angels Trumpets £650.00
Janie Pirie SBA UKCPS
Pencils: Derwent Artists / Paper: Fabriano Artistico HP
A festoon of huge Datura blossoms, commonly know as Angels Trumpets. I saw these growing in a large container in a town in the Loire valley whilst on a wine tasting expedition. I was blown away by their size and beauty so just had to draw them. Fortunately I had my pencils with me and hadn’t been wine tasting that day!
You can see more of Janie's art on her website

The Leisure Painter Magazine Award for the Best Newcomer's Entry
(2 years subscription to the magazine)

The Floral Shawl £300.00
Ursula Williams
Pencils: Derwent Artists / Paper: Cotman Watercolour paper 300gsm
A nude lady subtly covered with a floral shawl. I chose this composition because of the beauty found in each of the three subjects: the human body, the flowers, and the source of light. I painted them with coloured pencils but the fabric of the shawl is painted with black and white gouache and retouched with coloured pencils in certain areas.
You can see more of Ursula's art on her website

Highly Commended
UKCPS certificate and 10 sheets drawing paper

Murano Island, Venice (NFS)
Linda Brand
Pencils: Caran D’Ache Supracolor (w/c) / Paper: Daler Rowney cartridge

I chose this subject as it holds a special place in my heart - I got engaged there.
You can see more of Linda's art on her website

Ducks £300.00
Judith Heilbronn-Crown
Pencils: Derwent Watercolour / Paper: Arches Aquarelle
A few years ago when I was walking by a canal, we came across a row of 11 ducks. They looked so attractive I took a photo of them … this is adapted from part of the photo.
You can see more of Judith's art on her website

Tomorrow we see photographs of the exhibition and the hardworking volunteers who helped to organise and hang the show and offer some thanks to all those people who have contributed to the creation of this exhibition.

The exhibition can be seen at The Cumberland Pencil Museum in Keswick until 27th June 2009.

You can also see an online exhibition of all the accepted entries to this exhibition on the UKCPS website.


Tuesday, 2 June 2009

UKCPS members and their art at Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009

I attended the Private View and Awards Ceremony for the Wildlife Artist of the Year last night with UKCPS members Gayle Mason and Jonathan Newey - two of the three three UKCPS members whose work is being displayed in this very high quality exhibition

Unlike last year when Richard Childs won the major prize, none of the UKCPS members went home with a prize. This year the judging panel appears to have favoured renderings which were less photographic and more painterly (whatever the media).

Below you can see photos of Gayle and Jonathan with their pieces - which also gives you a much better sense of the size of work they submitted. Jonathan's piece was about average size in terms of the work on display. Gayle says she's going to produce a bigger work next year!

Gayle Mason with Hot Spot
8" x 20", coloured pencils with acrylic glazes on Arches HP

Jonathan Newey with Kaziranga Princess
18" x 26", Prismacolor on dark grey mountboard

The exhibition continues at the Mall Galleries until Saturday 6th June.

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Monday, 1 June 2009

Keswick - exhibition opens and awards announced

Derwent Award for Best in Show - Windswept by Sue Clinker
38 x 43cm, Derwent Coloursoft and Prismacolor on Drafting film

copyright the artist

The 7th Annual 'World of Coloured Pencil' Mixed Media Exhibition 2009, sponsored by Derwent Pencils and Leisure Painter, opened yesterday at the Pencil Museum in Keswick and continues until 27th June.

This exhibition is open to all UKCPS members irrespective of experience and entries are accepted on a first come first served basis. The exhibition comprises the first 24 entries sent in after the opening date for entries. Work can be in mixed media but coloured pencil must be the main medium. The awards were announced yesterday and are listed below.

The Derwent Award for Best in Show was awarded to Windswept by Sue Clinker who lives in Whitstable.
This was based on a puppy I photographed on a windy day by the sea at Tankerton Slopes. I loved the way his coat was “fluffed up"
Sue won the Reserve Best in Show last year despite being a relative newcomer to coloured pencils. On hearing she'd won the top prize this year Sue wanted to say how grateful she was for all the help and encouragement she has received from the UKCPS and its members. Sue is now a full time artist who largely works on commission. Last night she took a break from her commissions for family celebrations on hearing the good news!

The Best in Show Award - sponsored by Derwent Pencils - comprises:
  • 72 set new Derwent Watercolour pencils – in wooden box.
  • Portable Artists Pencil Stand
  • Coloursoft Table Easel Set, incl. 24 Coloursoft pencils, hard cover sketchbook, blender and sharpener,
  • Hard back Sketchbook Journal
  • Tin of Soft Sketching pencils
  • Pencil Wrap, Battery Eraser, Pencil Sharpener and Burnisher & Blender set
Other Awards were as follows:
  • The UKCPS Award for ‘Reserve Best in Show’ (£150): Neigh-bours by Pauline Longley
  • UKCPS Award for Runner Up (£50) Angels Trumpets by Janie Pirie SBA, UKCPS
  • The Leisure Painter Magazine Award (2 years subscription to the magazine) awarded to the ‘Best Newcomer’ entry - The Floral Shawl by Ursula Williams .
Two further entries were Highly Commended and the artists will receive a UKCPS certificate and 10 sheets drawing paper. These were
The Peoples’ Choice Award will be decided by public vote over the course of the exhibition and will be announced at the end of the exhibition - and on this blog.

An online exhibition of all the entries is now on the UKCPS website.

I'll also be highlighting images of the other award winners on this blog later this week.



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