Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmas reading

Sometime over the next few days, members should be receiving their December edition of 'Talking Point' containing, amongst other things, the Call for Entries to the 9th World of Coloured Pencil Exhibition 2012 at Keswick, the Minutes of the UKCPS AGM back in October last, and a list of available courses and workshops for the New Year, plus lots of stuff about the 10th Open Exhibition last September.

Good reading to you all, and I take this opportunity to offer my personal best wishes to all our blog readers for a very happy Christmas.


Anyone bound for Paris soon?

The UKCPS Chairman, Barbara Murray, has recieved an email from Elizabeth Patterson, a member of the Coloured Pencil Society of America [CPSA], who writes:-

"Hello Barbara,
Hope this email finds you well! I am a member of CPSA from Southern California and wanted to contact you because I will soon be arriving in Paris for a month long stay. I am hoping that I might have a chance to meet some of your members. I don't know that I will be leaving France during that time, but perhaps some of your members live there? I was in contact with Ann Massey some months ago, but it appears she is no longer an officer, hence my email to you.

The reason for my trip is a solo exhibition at Galerie Louis Carre' & Cie which is opening Thursday, Jan 26th. I would like to have the gallery send an invitation to your chapter, but do not see an address. I got the impression that your membership is spread across a rather large geographic area, so I understand if no one can meet with me or come to the opening, though I would be so happy to see ANYONE from UKCPS there, as I will know few people! This is only my second solo exhibition and as the time draws near, I am getting quite nervous about the entire prospect. I have never even been to Europe!

Many thanks!

If any of you members out there are visiting Paris at the end of January, and would like to be put in contact with Elizabeth, then email Barbara Murray at for further information.

Monday, 12 December 2011

Dave Richards - Hafren Award

Ukcps Silver status member, Dave Richards, was awarded First Place- Hafren Award in the Hafren Themed Art Competition/Exhibition which opened in Newtown, Powys, on  26 November last.  The theme was 'Revelation'.

Dave's picture (shown on the right) is entitled "Feelings Revealed" and was done exclusively with Derwent Artists coloured pencils on Rising Stonehenge paper.

Dave has commented "I have a set of 72 of the Artists pencils which were the first set of pencils I bought. I was inspired to pick them up again after seeing Suzy’s [Herbert] beautiful ‘work in progress’ picture of pears she was demonstrating at the Open Exhibition in September. I seem to have come full circle after trying many different makes in search of the ‘magic’ pencil".

"A total of 74 pictures were accepted for the exhibition. There was a wide range of media including 2 in wool, however there were only 2 coloured pencil pictures [my entries], It was very pleasing to see cp being accepted as an equal".

The exhibition is in Newtown, Powys, Mid Wales and runs until 27 January 2012. More details are available on the Hafren website at:


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