Monday, 19 October 2015

Posting your artwork

We all at one time or another have to post, transport, or ship our artwork. Be it for competitions, buyers, friends and family, the artwork must arrive in perfect condition. In pursuit of guidance on this subject I came across these websites and thought I would share it with you.!.aspx

Let us know how you ship your artwork and any hints and tips. I will collate all replies.


Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Look after you paper!

Autumn is a lovely time of the year, full of colours and moods. BUT! This time of the year the humidity will rise markedly compared to summer. As we know, paper absorbs moisture readily, as a result the paper surface will be quite soft to what you were normally used to. Try to store your paper in a dry place but away from heat as you don't want to dry it totally which will result in brittle paper!

So be careful with those sharp points on your pencils!

Happy Painting :)

Friday, 2 October 2015

The Big Draw Competition Call For Entries

Entries are now called for the Big Draw Competition deadline is the 23 November 2015. The theme for this is year is Recording Britian: Society. Winners and shortlisted entries will be included in the high profile exhibition at the New Gallery, Walsall.

In the words of the Big Draw competition headline:

         "This year we invite emerging and established artists to respond to the theme: Recording Britain Now: Society, to re-assess their practice and focus on the prevalent social issues of 2015/16. In the same way that Recording Britain sought to map familiar townscapes and countryside under threat, this will be an invitation to engage with a society in rapid transition."

Judging from the above, the expectation is that to focus on social issues, for example homelessness. Obviously the interpretation is down to the artist. As usual please make sure you familiarise yourself with the rules and submission deadlines and requirements.



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