Friday, 25 September 2015

UART Coloured Pencils Competition 2015

UART are running an online coloured pencils competitionn ( Link to website ). UART is an American company which is branching into the art world by producing speciality paper for pastel painting. The company is known for the sandpaper it produces for DIY and industrial uses. The company has created a sanded paper specially for pastel painting.

The competition is sponsored by a number of sponsors including Prismacolour and Coloured Pencil Magazines. There are a number of substantial prizes for winning works. Submissions are now being accepted and the closing date is Midnight 13 November 2015. Members wishing to enter the competition need to read the competition rules carefully in order to have their work considered. Members please note that there are non-refundable fees for any work submitted for consideration. The competition is judged by one person, by Deborah Friedman CPSA.

It would be helpful if any members submitting work for consideration could let us know how they get on.


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