Sunday, 26 August 2012

UKCPS Open Exhibition - Post 2

Pauline Longley, who is organising the volunteers for the exhibition, has asked me to post an urgent request for volunteer demonstrators (2 or 3 required) for  2nd & 3rd November, plus we need help  for the 'Have -a - Go' table on  the exhibition opening day (6th October) and other days.  You don't need a lot of experience for the 'Have-a-Go' -- just a freindly attitude and ready smile to encourage visitors to possibly join the society.  Even a couple of hours as a volunteer will allow others to take a break!

Also - a reminder that the society's AGM takes place at the gallery from 11.30 am on 6th October, and is followed by a buffet lunch to which members are invited.  Please attend the AGM if you can as, amongst other important issues, we need to re-organise the current Executive Committee, and the input of members is important!

Please contact Pauline at:


2012 Open Exhibition - Post 1

Congratulations to all the successful artists exhibiting at this year's UKCPS Open Exhibition (Nuneaton Art Gallery & Museum, 6th October to 25th November).

The more discerning of you will note the absence in the list of yours truly, thereby proving the impartiality of the judges who stubbonly refused to accept my generous offer of a monetary gift [exit one editor stamping his feet and sucking his thumb]

UKCPS Winning Artists – Nuneaton 2012

Val Barr                                   Elizabeth Barton
Alexandra Bastien                   Karen Berisford
Nicolson Brooks                      Tiffany Budd
Julie Burdon-Stone                  Jean Canter
J Y Chang                                 Lindsey Clark
Kate Clarke                              Sue Clinker
Karen Coulson                          Beverley Courtney
Jackie Cox                                Shianne de Klerk
Harsa Dhokia                            C Gale Dickinson
Roy Eaton                                June Lesley Fox
Chris Francis                           Elissa Frohlich
Irina Garmashova-Cawton       Jo Goudie
Amber Halsall                         Angela Hammond
Debra Hanley                          Pat Heffer
Judith Heilbronn-Crown          Suzy Herbert
Deborah Holman                     Cathy Holtom
Denise Howard                        Betsy Jones
Bev Lewis                                Roger Lewis
Pauline Longley                       Morryce James Maddams
Jean-Baptiste Morlot                Barbara Murray
Karen Musgrave Hill               Jonathan Newey
Kris Owen                                 Eva Oxberry
Victoria Parsons                       Rachel Pesterfield
Janie Pirie                                 Susan Poole
Pamela Preller                           Vivienne Priest
David Pritchard                         Marion Ramsden
Glyn Rand                                 David Sandell
Lesley Sharman                        Janet Suffield
Claudia Tann                            Alison Tomlinson
Liedia van de Mortel                Ranjini Venkatachari
Maria Villioti                            Jane Wilkes
Glynis Wilson                           Lesley Woodhouse


Thursday, 23 August 2012

Isobel Buckley - Ken Bromley Winner!!

Many congrats to UKCPS member, Isobel Buckley for winning this year's Ken Bromley Cover Picture Competition.

Isobel's picture of a sleeping Lion will appear on the new catalogue for Ken Bromley Art materials.

Isobel is quoted:
"I have always had a passion for art since I was a little girl and I was very fortunate to have parents who encouraged me with this. Even as a child I loved painting and drawing and always liked producing pictures which captured detail. I followed this love of art to University where I studied Fine Art with American Studies. After University I spent a few years concentrating on studying to become a teacher and for a Master of Arts in Education. It was then my Mum who encouraged me back into art and thanks to her I found I had a passion for wildlife and animal art. It began when she introduced me to an artist called Vic Bearcroft who I found inspirational. After attending a workshop he was running I was hooked on drawing animals and pastels. It was actually during this workshop held at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent that I had an opportunity to look around and take photographs of the big cats there. The piece ‘Sleeping Lion’ was actually inspired from one of the photographs I took there after watching the lions devour their lunch and then turn very sleepy.
Shortly after this I decided to explore some other mediums and discovered coloured pencils, and I haven’t looked back! While I have different brands of coloured pencils, my absolute favourites are Prismacolour which I find produce a lovely buttery consistency. I spend many hours building up layers of colours to produce pictures which contain those details which I find myself compelled to achieve. I find they are a wonderful medium for drawing animals, and a lot of people are amazed to find out that coloured pencils can achieve such alluring effects.
While I spend a lot of my time teaching and with my family, I spend a vast amount of my spare time drawing and painting. I have recently updated my website and I have created a Facebook page I am currently in the process of producing my first set of prints to sell and other examples of my artwork can be found on these pages. I am also planning to continue to produce lots more pictures of animals as beautiful as the lion in the future.
I consider myself very lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful passion, and I’m honestly stunned and over the moon that so many people voted for my picture, so a very big thank you to them."

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Barbara Murray - & the Derwent Blog

The current edition of the Derwent company's own Blog, 'Love Pencils',  has a big feature written by (and about) the UKCPS Chair, Barbara Murray, and her 26 years with the company.

There is a link to the Derwent website down and to the right under 'Links to Sponsors'.
The blog addresss for Love Pencils is
The URL for the article is

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Local members in N.East England

UKCPS member Michael Turner, from County Durham, would like to meet other colour pencil artists on an occasional basis in the north-east of England. He is a recently retired Civil Servant and has just taken up colour pencil art. He would be willing to arrange venues at varied locations from Tyneside to South Yorkshire with the view to inviting demonstrators and artists to run workshops. If you are interested either as a student or tutor please let Pauline Longley ( UKCPS Local Groups Co-ordinator) know and she will ask him to phone you. Unfortunately Peter is not on email.

Pauline can be contacted on:

Saturday, 4 August 2012

'Best of British' - Competion

Belated congratulations to UKCPS overseas member, Maria Villioti, for her winning entry to the Derwent 'Best of British' drawing competion.

Maria's entry [45 cm x 61 cm) is entitled "Raining in London" and was completed using Caran D'Ache 'Luminance' pencils on Ampersand pastelboard.

You can view more of Maria's work via her blogspot:  .

Note the 'gr' - Maria is a Greek member!  eu'ye! Maria


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