Tuesday, 12 February 2008

CP work in the news

"Primulas" Bob Ebdon 17cm x 21cm
First published "Leisure Painter" March 2008
Just a heads up that some coloured pencil work can be seen in a couple of places at the moment.

First, there is an article in the current (March) edition of "Leisure Painter" magazine that shows some ways of getting dark tones using coloured pencils. The article shows a step-by-step of a primula, using a colourway approach, grisaille, and complementary colours to get darks. Sorry to blow my own trumpet, but yes, the author of the article is me.

Then the makers and distributors of Stonehenge paper, Legion Papers, have just added a gallery to their site which shows several artists who use Stonehenge paper as their preferred support. There are a couple of UKCPS members showing work in this gallery - Arlene Steinberg and, yes, sorry, its me again!

To avoid ALL posts being about me, please get in touch with anything that you would like me to include in future blogs - any exhibitions, awards, galleries visited where CP work is on show - anything of interest to the membership in general, please tell me about it.

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Katherine said...

Congratulations Bob - I picked up my art mags last week but didn't spot Leisure Painter - I'll now be looking out for it!


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