Sunday, 2 March 2008

Stonehenge paper

It is starting to look as though our long wait in the wilderness is over, and Stonehenge paper is now available in this country. Legion Paper has done a deal with Global Art to stock Stonehenge in the UK, and one of their biggest customers is the Jackson's Art catalogue.

Now hold on! It doesn't mean they have any yet! I have been keeping an eye on both the Global Art and the Jacksons websites, and see no signs of Stonehenge yet. This might mean they have not got around to updating their websites - shame on them! - or it might mean they are waiting for supplies to arrive. Either way, I think that if enough people pester them , they might be persuaded to pull their fingers out!

Meanwhile, one of our members, the celebrated artist Tim Fisher, well to know to many of us for his articles in Leisure Painter magazine, has managed to get his hands on some, and is offering Stonehenge at a very good price direct from his art materials site. So head over there if you are in desperate need.

And watch out for the next issue of Talking point, which should contain a couple of sheets of some other papers for your your consideration, that are available now in this country, from RK Burts, some Fabriano 5, and Canaletto papers. Enjoy!


Daryl said...

Thanks, Bob, for taking the trouble to keep us all up to date with these things. It makes very interesting reading and I for one really appreciate it!

Quilt Knit said...

I certainly hope you get Stonehenge in very soon. I saw your "Red Onions" Bob.

Neil said...

I emailed Jacksons last week to ask about the Stonehenge paper & Julie there replied that they were going to get some in soon & she was listing it on their site that evening. I later saw it was on so ordered some. It arrived this afternoon (Wed 19th). I ordered white but there are 4 more shades listed.


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