Monday, 15 February 2010

Results of Derwent Artists Pencils Competition

Ashness Bridge Winner of Derwent Artists Pencils Competition
A3, Derwent Artists Pencils on Canson Bristol board
copyright Malcolm Cudmore

Derwent have announced the results of the competition to find the new image of Ashness Bridge for the new tins of Derwent Artists Pencils - to be lauched later this year.
Artists is the first coloured pencil range that Derwent developed in the 1930’s and is still one of its best selling pencils today. Ever since its introduction the pencil has been associated with Ashness Bridge, just outside Keswick in the Lake District. This iconic landmark has featured on all Artists Pencil packaging since 1938.
The brief was to produce an image which is:
  • Completed using Derwent Artists Pencils
  • At least A4 size (210mm x 297mm) in portrait format
  • Very eye-catching, dynamic and really shows off the Artists pencils range.
Winner: Malcolm Cudmore - The drawing is unusual as this is a downstream perspective of the bridge which was achieved though Malcolm visiting Ashness Bridge to obtain his own reference photographs and find the best view to fulfil the contraints of the brief.
‘I preferred this view – I like high horizons and thought it offered a good dramatic composition. Derwent Artists Pencils lend themselves to my style of drawing, I like to build up form and tone by the application of many layers of separate colour, using as few describing marks as possible. Artists are a round traditional pencil with a wide core and a slightly waxy texture which is ideal for multiple layering and blending allowing me to build up an infinite spectrum of tones and hues’.
Malcolm is a member of UKCPS. He and lives in Lancashire close to the Fylde coast about 5 miles from both Lytham and Blackpool and has a studio in Preston. One of his works 'Reflections 1' was Highly Commended in last year's Annual Exhibition. You can read more about his entry on his blog Malcolm Cudmore Artist in Derwent Artists Pencils Competition and follow him on Twitter at

Runners Up: Tiffany Budd and Leslie Hawes

Ashness Bridge by (Left) Tiffany Budd and (right) Leslie Hawes

Tiffany Budd
is a signature member of UKCPS and commented on her entry in the Flickr Artists Drawing Competition Poll
I like to work in a bold, strong way, blending the pencils on top of each other, and then blending them with either a white pencil or a blender pencil. I wanted to try to recreate the scene in a more contemporary way. I hope I've achieved this!! I have tried different bases to work on, but think a drawing board (like a mount card) works best for me, as you can work it really hard, and it still keeps it's smoothness. The surface does tend to get a bashing!!
You can see more of her work on her website and follow her on Twitter at

Leslie Hawes commented on Flickr and her blog
This original drawing is done with Derwent Artists colored pencils on Alphamat, and measures approximately 10" x 12". I have been making art exclusively with Derwent Artists pencils for sixteen years. They were recommended to me by Real Musgrave of Pocket Dragons fame. Once I tried them, I never looked back! The color saturation of the pencils is amazing, making my layering technique very easy to achieve rich color. I love the creamy smooth "feel" of drawing with the Derwent Artists pencils.
You can see more entries to the competition in the Flickr Artists Pencils Competitions Image Pool page.

Below you can find links to the information about the competition and the artists highlighted above.


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