Thursday, 3 June 2010

A World of Coloured Pencil opens in Keswick

The 8th 'A World of Coloured Pencil' Mixed Media Competition 2010, sponsored by Derwent Pencils, opened on 30th May and runs until 26th June at the The Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick, CA12 5NG

This is a members only exhibition.  This year was the first time that work chosen was selected by ballot - with the first 24 selected from the ballot being shown.  This means that it reflects, much more than our main exhibition, the range of abilities within the Society, from beginners to professionals.  In this exhibition, pictures can be pure coloured pencil, or may use other media as long as coloured pencils are the main medium.

We now have photos of the exhibition courtesy of Sylvia Richards, the wife of Dave Richards who organised the hanging at the weekend!  I'm sure you will agree it looks splendid.

 The Long Wall

 The Short Wall

Judging was delayed so we're waiting to hear who are the prizewinners are and I'll be posting again about the artwork which won prizes - and who created it - as soon as we have the names.

The online exhibition is also now available

How to visit the Cumberland Pencil Museum

Derwent have a page on their website which gives information for visitors

This is a Google Maps link to The Cumberland Pencil Museum.  For the  very first time, courtesy of StreetView we can now see what the turn in the road looks like and the signs to look out for to visit the Southey Works, home of the Cumberland Pencil Museum (when approached from the south east - see below)

and finally......

Given the tragic events which occurred elsewhere in Cumbria yesterday, I'd like to add a note of support for all the wonderful people who live and work in Cumbria and do their utmost to promote the peace and beauty of the very special place which is the Lake District and Cumbria.

Let's show our support, not just for coloured pencils and Derwent who host this exhibition for us, but also for Cumbria in general by making a point of visiting this wonderful area, museum and exhibition if we can during June.

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Malcolm Cudmore said...

I shall be at The Pencil Museum next week - demonstrating Derwent Aquatone on Tuesday (8th) and Wednesday (9th) and leading a full day workshop on Thursday (10th). I have nothing in the exhibition as I missed the deadline for the ballot. However, I'm really looking forward to seeing the successful entries. Sitting in my studio yesterday listening to the news as it unfolded during the day was quite unreal and I cannot begin to imagine how this will have affected the close-knit communities in Cumbria that featured in this series of devastating events. I absolutely agree that we should continue to visit and support this beautiful county during this time. Any visiting UKCPS members next week - please pop in and say hello.


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