Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Blogmaster - an introduction

Greetings viewers - my name is Alan McMahon, and, in a [rare?] moment of madness, I have volunteered to undertake the role of Blogmaster for the UKCPS. Many thanks must go to Liz Ridley, the previous occupant of this seat, who has worked hard and done much juggling of her spare time in order to keep the blog going whilst also acting as UKCPSWebmaster.
This is my first blog - ever! so I hope that regular readers will forgive me my errors and omissions in the coming weeks as I seek to settle-in to the new role.
That's me above, and I apologise for the 'orrible mug-shot , but it was the only half decent picture I could find! Please don't use it to scare the kids!

1 comment:

sue said...

Welcome and Good Luck Alan!!

I don't have kids to scare ... but we could use your photo as a challenge to members to draw :o) lol


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