Sunday, 19 June 2011

Janie Thorogood & Angela Hammond

Janie Thorogood has written to me with the following news, and for which I send her my heartiest congratulations:-

"Just thought I'd share some news with you. My grapes picture - "All is Safely Gathered In" voted Best in Show last year at Stamford - has just won the Flowers & Gardens category for the SAA Artist of the Year competition. I'm ecstatic - because the picture means so much to me. My wonderful, late husband would be so proud. It's because of him I'm carrying on with my artwork - so this is all wonderful. The grapes picture rally is bringing in a very special harvest.

Also, the Paeony used in the front of the latest Talking Point has just been purchased by Kew gardens for their collection!"

Not to be outdone......... congratulations are also due to Angela Hammond who gained the prestigious "SAA Artist of the Year" award outright for one of her paintings -- unfortunately, not a coloured pencil work , but an outstanding achievement anyway!


unleash the artist said...

Congratulations and great work keep it up, love the realism of both your work :)
thought i would post my blog, i hope it helps

iheartpencils said...

Congratulations ladies! It must mean the world to you. Lots of continued success too!

~ Karen Middleton


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