Saturday, 8 October 2011

Exec Committee vacancies

One of the outcomes from the recent AGM is the fact that the executive committee has an urgent need for new volunteers.  The comittee members are scattered throughout the UK, so the commttee only meets formally a couple of times a year, and most of the work is carried out/discussed via the internet.

The most important need at the moment is for a society Treasurer, and incidental to that, a volunteer independent Auditor (membership of UKCPS not essential), but we also need some volunteers to form a sub-committee charged with organising the society's exhibitions (the 2012 one is in Nuneaton, by the way).

If you think you could devote even a little bit of your time to the society's affairs, then please contact the Chairman, Barbara Murray, who will give further details (and will no doubt offer various enticements).

Barbara can be contacted via  

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