Sunday, 19 February 2012

Derwent 'Artbar'- new drawing product

Derwent have introduced a new product which may be of interest to those who like to use soluable pigments in their drawings, or want to try a new dry medium - I quote from their literature:

Derwent’s new Artbar is a water-soluble wax bar perfect for creating bold expressive marks and building up texture. The high wax content gives the Artbar a very smooth consistency and its unique triangular shape means you can make many more distinctive marks than you can with a traditional round block.
The new Derwent Artbar range recognises the role of tone within art and the comprehensive spectrum of 72 opaque colours is divided into 4 tonal groups, Brights, Pales, Earths and Darks. For easy colour selection the colours within each tonal group are positioned together in the tins.
The Artbar has been tested by our panel of professional artists and they found the new Derwent Artbar incredibly versatile, being able to use them dry and wet as well as being able create texture by building up layers of colour almost like paint...
Each Artbar is protected by a peelable silver wrapper which can be removed in sections thereby ensuring that both the Artbar and your hands are protected throughout the life of the bar. They are perfect for working ‘en plein air’ as they are easy to transport dry and will balance on a hand held sketchbook without falling off!
The new Derwent Artbar is available individually and in selections of 12, 24, 36 and 72. The 12 tin contains a set of basics which, in theory, can be used to create any colour you want. To help you understand the art of colour mixing a tutorial is available to download from

If any readers have had a chance to use them - why not leave a comment for other readers to see with your own opinion of their value?

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Anonymous said...

davina from 'the pencil heads' keswick pencil art group.
We had the honour privilege to be able ' to play' with the brand new derwent artbars designed by ukcps very own chairlady barbara murray for cumberland pencil, keswick/lillyhall.
Absolutely astouded by beautiful artwork on the tin, then more gobsmacked when the tin was opened revealed these extradinaory triangular bars of absolutely gorgeous colours that make all artists salviate.
Then to be aloud to use them. Solid stick of cream cheese when drawing with them, flat long line marks, short marks from the trianguler corners.
A brush loaded with water, disolves the colour, then push the colour round with the brush and watch as the colour reappears with granulations. Totally sumptious.
It's NOT a pencil tho but idea for mixed media as it ticks all the right boxes.


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