Sunday, 25 March 2012

UKCPS 11th Open Exhibition - call for entries

[editor's note:  My thanks to Maria Villioti for pointing out my silly error in originally numbering the exhibition as the 12th!!]

The 'Call for Entries' for the UKCPS 11th Open International Exhibition has been published and a copy is included in the new edition of 'Talking Point', (which all members should be receiving even as I write).  The closing date for entries is 7th July 2012.

The exhibition is open to all colour [or color!  :-)]  pencil artists, so non-members from the UK and abroad can obtain the document as a .pdf file by visiting the UKCPS website (, and then clicking on the 'Call For Entries' link in the right hand column of the home page.  Please read the conditions of entry carefully - the Society has set out its definition as to what is acceptable for exhibition as 'pure colour pencil', and what is defined as 'mixed media'.

This year's exhibition is being held at the Nuneaton Museum & Art Gallery, Riversley Park, Coton Road, Nuneaton, CV11 5TU, between 6th October to 25th November 2012.

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Thank you for the good news! I think that this exhibition is 11th,not 12th...Have a nice day!


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