Thursday, 23 August 2012

Isobel Buckley - Ken Bromley Winner!!

Many congrats to UKCPS member, Isobel Buckley for winning this year's Ken Bromley Cover Picture Competition.

Isobel's picture of a sleeping Lion will appear on the new catalogue for Ken Bromley Art materials.

Isobel is quoted:
"I have always had a passion for art since I was a little girl and I was very fortunate to have parents who encouraged me with this. Even as a child I loved painting and drawing and always liked producing pictures which captured detail. I followed this love of art to University where I studied Fine Art with American Studies. After University I spent a few years concentrating on studying to become a teacher and for a Master of Arts in Education. It was then my Mum who encouraged me back into art and thanks to her I found I had a passion for wildlife and animal art. It began when she introduced me to an artist called Vic Bearcroft who I found inspirational. After attending a workshop he was running I was hooked on drawing animals and pastels. It was actually during this workshop held at the Wildlife Heritage Foundation in Kent that I had an opportunity to look around and take photographs of the big cats there. The piece ‘Sleeping Lion’ was actually inspired from one of the photographs I took there after watching the lions devour their lunch and then turn very sleepy.
Shortly after this I decided to explore some other mediums and discovered coloured pencils, and I haven’t looked back! While I have different brands of coloured pencils, my absolute favourites are Prismacolour which I find produce a lovely buttery consistency. I spend many hours building up layers of colours to produce pictures which contain those details which I find myself compelled to achieve. I find they are a wonderful medium for drawing animals, and a lot of people are amazed to find out that coloured pencils can achieve such alluring effects.
While I spend a lot of my time teaching and with my family, I spend a vast amount of my spare time drawing and painting. I have recently updated my website and I have created a Facebook page I am currently in the process of producing my first set of prints to sell and other examples of my artwork can be found on these pages. I am also planning to continue to produce lots more pictures of animals as beautiful as the lion in the future.
I consider myself very lucky to be blessed with such a wonderful passion, and I’m honestly stunned and over the moon that so many people voted for my picture, so a very big thank you to them."

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