Friday, 18 January 2013

CP Society of America

The Coloured Pencil Society of America has just published its list of those artists accepted for their forthcoming exhibition.  The Exhibition recieved nearly 300 entries this year.

You can view the list at:

The exhibition itself (always worth looking at - the standard is usualy top grade!) can be viewed online from the CPSA website from 1st February :

The top prize is a massive $2000, and is sponsored by Prismacolor!


Katherine Tyrrell said...

As there's no mention of the name of the exhibition in the title or text, it's worth pointing out that this is the "Explore This" (online only) exhibition for coloured pencil / mixed media artwork - and not the International Exhibition which is pure coloured pencil only.

The intention of "Explore This!" is to broaden the appeal of the use of CP by a broader group of artists than those who use pure cP only

This is the link to last year's exhibition - and the link to the new exhibition will go up after the end of this month.

UKCPS AdsBlog said...

The information given was as supplied to UKCPS in the CPSA Newsletter.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

The information I supplied is all available on the CPSA website.

I think most active CP artists are aware of the difference between the two exhibitions - but for those newbies who've not encountered them before it's probably worth making the distinction.


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