Saturday, 15 February 2014

New Blog Admin!

Following the call for UKCPS members to volunteer for various roles, I am pleased to report that Alan McMahon has been relieved of duty over here at the UKCPS Blog and I have stepped up to the plate. I want to thank Alan for all he has done here and the assistance he has offered to me in taking over.

I have been running my own Coloured Pencil Blog for a few years now and hope that it will stand me in good stead to continue the great job Alan has been doing. Not much will change, unless you want it to and have some great suggestions, and all news, tidbits or matters of interest to the members of UKCPS can be forwarded to myself at: or

I would love to hear from you; big news, wee news, any news and hopefully we can build on what is already here.

Hazel Hay


Sue Clinker said...

Goodbye and a big thank you to Alan and a warm welcome to Hazel :-)

Good luck and look forward to seeing lots of new posts. Blogger is my preferred communication point (compared to Facebook)

Just one request. As all comments are moderated anyway, could you remove the Captcha requirements (they are so irritating, especially when one has to make half a dozen attempts to find something readable - the eyesight isn't what it used to be) LOL

UKCPS AdsBlog said...

Thank you very much Sue. Captcha annoys me too, but I don't know yet what volume of Spam we receive and I am scared I would chained to the laptop deleting it all! I will remove it for now and see how much we get - call it an experiment!


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