Monday, 10 March 2014

Picture Delivery for the UKCPS 13th Exhibition

For your information -

Delivery of pictures to the RBSA gallery must be between 10.30 and 12 noon on Sunday 27th April.  Pictures CANNOT be posted to the gallery.

However, for those people who can not make the journey themselves there is an option to send your work via one of several willing volunteers. Pictures in theory can be posted to the volunteers, so you don't necessarily have to live in the same town.  Please make sure the transport volunteer is ok with accepting posted entries.

If you are sending your work with someone, it is usually expected that your picture is wrapped appropriately. The best protection is 'jiffy bags'. It is also usual to agree some kind of transport charge with the person taking your work to cover petrol costs, etc.

There is a list of the volunteers on the yahoo forum. Please contact one of them if you would like their help in delivering your work.

Please attach a label to your pictures, with your name, the picture name and the selling price.

Collection at the end of the exhibition is very tight. They must be collected between 5.15pm and 6pm on Saturday 10th may.
If you cannot be there during that time, please contact one of the volunteers who can collect for you.
The gallery will make a charge for any work left after the specified time.

Please do not contact the gallery direct.

Please do not rely on the volunteers to contact you regarding transport. It is up to you the artists to organise how your picture gets there....


Katherine Tyrrell said...

No way would I send a framed work just in a jiffy bag - it must have proper packaging inside to protect the frame!

See my website How to pack, post and ship art - put together from lots of good suggestions by people on how to post and ship art plus some considerable experience of shipping art internationally that arrives in one piece and good condition!

My favoured method of posting art is to pack front and back with two sheets of foam core (bigger than frame) or two sheets of stiff corrugated cardboard and tape to back of frame and tape front to back so that the frame is absolutely rigid within its protective package.

If placed inside a jiffy bag, any surplus space also needs to be taped down so that the pack can't move within the bag. Otherwise that's the way bags tear, corners come undone, frames get damaged etc etc.

They critical thing is to make sure the frame cannot move within the pack and that the frame will not be dented when the package is dropped from a height - which it will be. That's standard operating procedure in the UK re. parcels!

Hope this helps anybody who has never posted artwork before! :)

UKCPS AdsBlog said...

Thank you Katherine - actually an amendment to this is going to be posted today.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Now a Stiffy Bag makes a lot more sense!


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