Friday, 11 April 2014

Birmingham Exhibition Arrangements

Full details on the arrangements for your pictures going to the Birmingham Exhibition -

Delivery -
Delivery is between 10am and 12pm on Sunday 27th April. We will be hanging the exhibition ourselves, so if you are bringing your work, you are welcome to stay on and help with the hanging process. Power screwdrivers would be very useful!  Please attach a label to the back of your picture (s) with your name and the name of the picture to make it easier for us to identify everything during the hanging process. 

Collection -
Collection day and time for unsold pictures has been set by the gallery, so we need to stick to their request. Collection is between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday May 10th.They will close at 6pm, so if you are collecting, please make sure you arrive before that.
I have been told that there is a fee of £40 per day if the pictures are left behind and collected later. I believe a couple of you have been told £10. I am not sure which is the correct amount at present, but you maybe should be prepared to pay £40 if you can't make other arrangements.

Return postage -
This is something we are offering to do this year because of the very narrow collection window.  Returns will be sent by Parcel Force (Royal Mail), so please make sure any packaging you use is robust and sturdy to avoid damage to your picture.
If you are bringing your own picture and then require it posted back, please leave your packaging with one of the volunteers on hanging day. If we have no packaging, we cannot return your work. Please include a large self-addressed label for us to use to return the picture.
I cannot give you a cost for returning your work until we have actually posted them. You will be contacted by Liz, our treasurer for repayment once we have posted the pictures.

Sold pictures -
I will be contacting the gallery two days before the end of the exhibition to find out about any sales. This will enable me to let you know whether you actually need to travel to Birmingham to pick up your work. I am hoping the gallery will let us know of any sales as they happen, but just in case, I will do the above.

Please remember that we are all volunteers and are doing this to help out you, our members. So we are grateful for you taking the time to make sure you read this and follow the instructions. It will make our efforts so much easier - thank you.

Finally - if you don't let UKCPS know what you are doing with your picture and it is still left at the end of the collection hour, it will be left at the gallery. It's your own responsibility to make arrangements to get your picture home.

Good luck everyone with the final push to get your pictures down to Birmingham and thank you to all volunteers for their massive effort in getting everything done.

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