Monday, 12 May 2008

Julie Douglas

Julie Douglas, "Dappled Son"

This gorgeous picture will have all members of the UKCPS pushing it in the next few weeks and months. Why? Because it is the only successful entrant into the CPSA Exhibition from a UKCPS member based this side of the pond - and I had to be careful how I phrased that as I did not want to all of a sudden annex Ireland! Many congratulations to Julie Douglas of County Clare, Eire, for achieving this year what so many have tried and failed over the past seven years, and at least we now have a toehold in the CPSA competition!

Other news: I have put up a fairly comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions guide to the UKCPS Exhibition, with what I hope are some pointers especially for overseas entrants. Please read this carefully if you are thinking - as I hope you are - of entering this year. We are trying to spot problems before they arise, which is something of a new approach for your Executive!

And finally, I hope you enjoyed my latest article in Leisure Painter magazine, in the current (June 2008) edition, encouraging you to work on different papers. I actually had a telephone call this morning from a gentleman who said "I didn't know you were such a fine figure of a man!"


Nicole Caulfield said...

Ahh! Julie's drawing is so beautiful. Perfect lighting and perfectly relaxed feel - I'm glad you posted it Bob.

Bob Ebdon said...

I quite agree Nicole, it is a beautiful portrait.


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