Sunday, 25 May 2008

Keswick Exhibition and other bits.

Just a reminder that this year's "World of Coloured Pencil" Exhibition opens on June 1st at the Cumberland Pencil Museum, Keswick, thanks to our friends at Derwent. In case you are worrying, while Derwent have moved their production facilities to new premises, the Museum still stays at the old site at Keswick, and the Exhibition is on there for the whole of the month of June. Pat and John Heffer, Dave Richards, Eric Armstrong and the ever-present Suzy Herbert will be setting the Exhibition up on Sunday 1st June, and I am sure they will be delighted to see any members who wish to drop in and help or just say "Hi". Having seen the scans of the 23 entries, I can say how impressed I am with the overall standard this year and I am sure all visitors to the Museum will be delighted with the show.

Other news - thanks to Roger Harris for pointing us to a new supplier of Prismacolor pencils in the UK -, who are selling sets of 132 Prismacolour for £105, excellent value.

And with apologies for being a day or so late telling you, Ann Kullberg has a sale on at present with up to 40% off many items - but it ends May 26th, so get in there quick!

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maribirt said...

I drove to Keswick to see this exhibition, but was disappointed to see where it was held. The pictures were in the coffee shop which did not have the best of lighting to view them, and there were customers sitting at the tables, so it was impossible to get near enough to look at them closely.
The standard of the art was excellent, but the venue did not do them justice, I thought.


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