Thursday, 28 August 2008

CPSA Blog plus changes to CPSA Exhibitions

Thanks, as so many times before, to Katherine Tyrrell for a heads up on this one.

The CPSA has made announced details of its calendar for 2009, launched a CPSA blog - we beat them to that one folks! - and announced that the "Explore This!" mixed media with CP exhibition will in future be online. It is easy to see which way the CPSA is moving, and the reasons should be pretty obvious also. Probably something the UKCPS needs to consider?

I should also note here that I have resigned from the Executive of the UKCPS - with my ongoing health problems, I am afraid I could no longer take the hassle. I never intended this to be a life sentence anyway. So please, if you have any comments about UKCPS policy, or matters that you would like to raise with the Exec, this is not at present the place to do so. Please use the yahoo group, or e-mail direct.

I am continuing to maintain this blog and the website, but these posts will become vacant at the AGM in October, so anyone interested in taking these on, please make yourselves known to the Exec.


Katherine Tyrrell said...

Bob - your resignation will of course draw comment at the AGM. I have no doubt, many glowing tributes will be paid to your unstinting dedication to the cause of UKCPS - the organisation you founded.

On a personal note, I'd like to note how very helpful you've been since I first became aware of UKCPS.

You also make time to listen, you're receptive to new ideas and you've made sure that the Society continues to make progress - this blog being the latest evidence of that.

Your total dedication to UKCPS is unquestioned and I think the Society will find it very difficult to replace you.

I hope that there continues to be a role for the Founder Member in future - of a rather less demanding nature!

Bob Ebdon said...

Thanks Katherine, but I hope that no time at all is spent on this at the AGM, except to sort out who takes over the website and blog. I did leave for a short while once before, but was dragged back first to do the website then back into the Exec. The proverbial wild horses will not persuade me this time.


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