Monday, 8 September 2008

More Bits

I apologise for posting infrequently. As I have said, I have health problems, and actually my wife has health problems as well, and I would prefer someone else to take over this blog as soon as possible as I have neither the time nor the enthusiasm that this deserves. However, a couple of things have forced me into blogging again.

First congratulations to Gayle Mason for becoming a full member of the Society of Feline Artists. This is a juried position, but I have no doubt the jury found it an easy decision in Gayle's case.

Second, following some discussion of photo use on the Yahoo group recently, I refer everyone to Katherine Tyrrell's extremely interesting and informative blog post about what appears to be possible copyright infringement at the American Watercolour Society Exhibition. If you get the chance, read through the links from this post, especially the thread at Wet Canvas. Please note that copying from photos is an issue that it seems ALL art societies are having to come to grips with, and is not confined to the UKCPS.

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