Wednesday, 8 October 2008

UKCPS - new signature members

The initials UKCPS after a member's name indicates that they are Signatory members of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society, having had pictures exhibited in three exhibitions within a five year period.

crowds at the Private View,
7th Annual Exhibition

indicate Silver Signature status - pictures accepted in 5 exhibitions in 10 years - and UKCPS indicates Gold status - pictures accepted in 10 exhibitions in 15 years.

(Note - the colour is normally only used on the UKCPS website to denote the status of different members exhibiting)

New Signature Members

UKCPS members who gained signature status with this year's exhibition are as follows:
Silver Signature status

UKCPS members who managed to achieve silver signature status when their entries were selected for this year's exhibition are:
You can see their work on the 2008 Annual Exhibition page of the UKCPS website. Links in members names are to their member's gallery or website.

Tomorrow, the post will be about the names of artists whose work was selected for the Annual Exhibition.


Felicity said...

Perhaps this is a silly question but if you get two pictures in one show, do they both count towards signature status?

And perhaps a controversial question, but in light of what happened recently in watercolours - can the judges ever know (as this is a cp only exhibition) whether only cp was used?

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

Getting work displayed in the show is what counts - not how many works.

In other words the emphasis is on how many shows you've been in within a specific time period, not how many works you have shown in that time.

It's well worth while applying for membership if you're going to submit work as getting selected for the exhibition doesn't count towards signature status if you're not a member!

Details of how to become a member are available on the website - and there's a link in the side column How to Join

In relation to the American Watercolor Society saga - which has yet to reach a conclusion - I guess all art societies are going to have to think about how they can validate compliance with their entry requirements (if required) and how best to investigate any allegations of wrongdoing in the light of the outcome - as and when that becomes known. Hopefully lessons with be learned from this episode and shared with others.


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