Thursday, 30 October 2008

Carol Bramley UKCPS wins the People's Vote

The UKCPS Annual Exhibition closed on Tuesday. The final prize to be awarded for this year's Exhibition is the People's Vote. This is awarded on the basis of the public votes cast in the exhibition. 228 people in total voted for which picture they liked the best and 54 of the 63 pictures received at least one vote.

Congratulations to the artists whose artwork achieved the top ten. The names of the artists, the title of the picture and the number of votes they received are as follows:

1. Carol Bramley UKCPS, 'Black Watch', 22 votes
2. Alastair Howie, 'Victoria Street Edinburgh', 17 votes

Victoria Street, Edinburgh by Alastair Howie
18cm x 34cm, prismacolor on Arches, NFS

3. Peter Hoehsl, 'Facing the Enemy', 15 votes
4. Richard Childs UKCPS, 'Out to Grass', 14 votes
5. Felicity Grace, 'Paul', 10 votes
6. Nicole Caulfield, 'Rob', 9 votes
7. Pauline Longley, 'Floss', 8 votes
8. Kate Clarke, 'Me me, You me'; Margaret Edwards, 'Watching and Waiting' and Bev Lewis UKCPS, 'Bad Hair Day' - all received 7 votes

Please note that the images in this post are all those works in the top ten which haven't been previously featured on this blog in either
Pat Heffer, Honorary Secretary of UKCPS and the Exhibition Director commented about each of the popular pictures as follows
Carol Bramley was the only artist to achieve full marks from all 3 of our entry judges and also won the first prize so it was very appropriate that she should also receive the public vote award.

Poor Alastair Howie forgot to take his pictures to the gallery at the correct time, missing out on the main judging so I was especially pleased to see that he came second in the Public vote.

The eyes in Peter Hoehsol's picture 'Facing the enemy' followed you round the should have been called the 'Mona Lisa Cat'!...and the way in which he had drawn the fur was amazing.

Richard Childs won Ann Kulberg's on-line competition, 'From my Perspective' with 'Out to Grass' so it is very appropriate that the public put him high in the list.

Paul by Felicity Grace, 30cm x 42cm, Cretacolor Aqua Monoliths on Cartridge NFS

Felicity Grace came to the Private view all the way from Geneva, where she lives. It was lovely to be able to meet her and her brother Paul who is the subject of her picture.

Rob by Nicole Caulfield, 28cm x 34cm, Faber Castell Polychromos on Fisher 400, NFS

Nicole Caulfield's picture 'Rob' was a UK commission and a truly beautiful portrait; I was delighted that the public thought so too.

Pauline Longley's 'Floss' just made you laugh! The title is so appropriate too! A brilliant picture!

Kate Clarke's 'Me me, You me' is a fantastic concept; do have a look at it if you have not done so already. She also entered 'The Art of Communication' which once again caused a lot of dialogue at the exhibition because it conveyed so much meaning. Where does she get her ideas from?

Margaret Edwards picture 'Watching and Waiting' was sold at the very last minute! A lady walked in just as we were packing everything up, spotted Margaret's picture, asked us not to wrap it for 10 minutes, came back in again and promptly bought it! Mind you I am not at all surprised as it is a most beautiful study of a cat 'waiting.'

Bev Lewis' 'Bad Hair day' is of course fantastic...a picture I would love to hang on my wall, but unfortunately it was NFS

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