Thursday, 14 May 2009

Coloured pencil workshops and courses

Today, UKCPS News is highlighting workshops and courses involving coloured pencils. This post details:
  • where to find a workshop or course on the UKCPS website
  • how tutors can share their workshop details on the UKCPS website
  • an opportunity to learn more about watercolour pencils
  • an opportunity for somebody to become a tutor of an established distance learning course.
Coloured pencil workshops

If you've ever thought about taking a workshop or course to learn more about coloured pencils, a good place to start is the workshops page on the UKCPS website. This lists the current information about available workshops as supplied by UKCPS members who have shared their workshop details with the UKCPS webmaster.

Tutors are listed below according to the type of course and its location

Botanical Illustration
General drawing / coloured pencil techniques
Watercolour pencils
A message for tutors

If you are a current UKCPS member and also teach skills in the use of coloured pencils and want to list your coloured pencil workshops on the UKCPS website you should contact Liz Ridley, the UKCPS webmaster with details of:
  • the type of course (eg general skills or specific application to a genre)
  • the level of student the workshop/course is aimed at
  • dates and location of the workshop or course
  • hyperlinks to further details about the course / experience of the tutor
  • a contact name and telephone number for booking enquiries
Please also ensure the webmaster is kept updated with any changes in information.

Interested in watercolour pencils?

Jonathan Newey has written to highlight an upcoming workshop day next month at Farncombe Estate, just outside the village of Broadway in the Cotswolds. You can find further course details by clicking the link below
Art Day Course: Watercolour Pencil Techniques
13th June 2009 9.30 - 16.30
This is a course aimed at beginners and will introduce students to the various skills and techniques that can be achieved with the watercolour pencil.
Have you ever thought of becoming a tutor?

Melanie Phillips has been running the coloured pencil course for the London Art College for some years. She is currently looking for a new tutor to take over from her and hopes the UKCPS may be able to help her find the right person.
There is a vacancy for a distance Learning Course Tutor for the Coloured Pencil Certificate Course. This is a unique opportunity to work with students from the comfort of your own home or studio. The successful applicant will eventually be able to put their mark on the course and make it their own. The post requires a few hours per week in tutoring, which will start gradually as you take over the new enrollees. The tutor will be required to have some general computer skills. Previous experience in tutoring may help but it is not necessary.

This is open to UK applicants only
Further details about the two stages of the application process are available on the UKCPS website. You can also approach Melanie if you have any queries - see the website for her contact details.

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