Sunday, 10 May 2009

An interview with Margaret Edwards

Nature's Own Athletes
15" v 20", coloured pencils on Canford Mi Teintes
copyright Margaret Edwards

This is the second in the series of interviews with the three UKCPS members who have had their work accepted for the Wildlife Artist of the Year 2009 exhibition to be held at the Mall Galleries, London from 1st-6th June 2009.

Today it's the turn of Margaret Edwards

What's your approach to wildlife art? Why are you interested in it?

I have always had a fascination for wildlife, and drawing nature makes it real for me, as I would probably never see many of our wild animals. As the years go by it is clear to me that some of these amazing animals could be lost for ever.

Drawing these creatures keeps them real and hopefully there for people to see and have a conscience about.

How do you generate your reference photos?

My inspiration comes from many areas and whilst some parts of my work are realistic others may be virging on imaginary and thats when that old phrase artististic license comes into play.

Often if I source my reference from books and magazines it won't be copied, it will become a small part of what is finally created. When I have to be realistic, I do use my trusty camera. My daughter has also donated some of her beautiful photos from her trips to Kenya, but again I wouldn't just copy from them. Where is the fun in that?

What's the story behind your piece and why did you choose to enter this one

In my life I have always admired the beauty, speed and grace of cheetahs and get great pleasure from drawing such an amazing big cat. The first oil painting I ever did was of a cheetah and so, for me, cheetahs were the obvious choice for this exhibition.

This drawing was created from a few photographic references, a bit of imagination and a lot of inspiration.

What pencils and support did you use for your artwork and why did you choose them?

My drawing was done with a combination of Derwent Artist, Derwent Studio and also Prismacolor pencils. Prismacolor was mainly used on the fur for that soft effect with an intensity of colour that this pencil gives. Derwent pencils especially Studio are very good for detail. I used Dove Grey 150g paper . Works for me.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your background as an artist

I have always drawn and at 18 I went to Art College, then worked in Art and Advertising for some years after which children came along. My drawing took a back seat for some years after and now I have much more time again and thoroughly enjoy being a member of the UKCPS and entering the various exhibitions that I hear of from time to time.

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