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FINAL REMINDER: 24th June - deadline for UKCPS exhibition entries

You have three days left to submit work for the 8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2009.

You need to post your entry first class tomorrow to be sure it arrives by Wednesday 24th June which is the final day for accepting entries into the Annual Exhibition of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society which this year is being held in Birmingham.

If you post on Tuesday you need to think about paying for Special Delivery (before 12 midday) to make sure it gets to the Exhibition Secretary on time.

Rachel Pesterfeld and Jinny (top)
UKCPS Award for Runner Up - Angels Trumpets (below)

World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition, Keswick
copyright the artist / Photo by Pat Heffer

Below you can find a checklist of things you need to do today and tomorrow if you've not dispatched an entry yet

What you need to do TODAY

Identify your entries

You can enter more than one work!
  • UKCPS full members: Identify up to 4 WORKS
  • associate members: identify up to 3 WORKS to submit
  • non-members: identify up to two works to submit
Here's a brief checklist of questions - with comments on eligibility
  • Is it 100% coloured pencil? (If not, then it's not eligible - the entry form states which media do and do not count as coloured pencils)
  • Is it two dimensional? (Collage, montage and three-dimensional work is inadmissable)
  • Does it demonstrate your own compositional and drawing skills? (You can't copy other people's work in any media)
  • Did you take the reference photos you used for all or most of your composition/subject? (You can't copy other people's photos - even if you've got permission)
  • Did you develop and complete your work without help? (work done under instruction or in class or workshops is ineligible)
  • Did you draw over a digital reproduction? (If you did this renders the work ineligible)
  • Do you have the permission of your subject if your work is a portrait? (You can't use an individual's image without their specific permission)
  • Can you provide evidence that your entry is all your own work?
  • Is your work for sale? (Only one 'not for sale' work allowed)
Number of Exhibition Entries and Entry Fees

Here's table which summarises how many works you can enter and how much each entry costs

#1 entry
#2 entry
#3 entry
#4 entry
Full member
Associate member
not applicable
not applicable
not applicable

For future reference if you live overseas, the fees for entering two works is very nearly the same as the annual subscription fee for a full member. It's worth thinking about whether it would be better to pay for a membership subscription!

You need to pay by cheque made payable to UKCPS. To pay online contact the Treasurer (details on the entry form).

Shirley Henderson and (top) Ready when you are
World of Coloured Pencils Exhibition, Keswick
copyright the artist / Photo by Pat Heffer

Complete the paperwork
  • download the entry form from the UKCPS website
  • measure your work framed AND unframed
    • unframed is the size of the image
    • if not yet framed work out the approximate dimensions it would be when framed - allowing for both mat and frame
  • complete the paperwork
    • produce a statement about yourself (this is where artists' statements on websites come in useful!)
    • produce a short statement about each work being entered. This will be on a card fixed to the wall next to the work if it is selected
    • make sure you say what materials you used (pencls and support)
    • work out a price INCLUDING commission for each work
    • complete your contact details
Create reproductions of the work
  • scan or photograph the work
    • crop to exclude any background and frames
    • adjust to create a faithful image (if you make it look better than it actually is it may get rejected after shipping)
    • save @ 300 dpi if printing
    • a TIFF file provides a better print than a JPEG file
  • make sure each print is clearly identified and labelled on the reverse
  • if including the work on CD Rom, remember to name each digital file in a way which makes it identifiable as your work! (eg blogmaster#1, blogmaster#2 or use the title of the work)
  • create a reproduction of each work
    • produce a colour print (up to A4 in size)
    • produce a colour photo (up to A4 in size)
    • use a photographic service to produce a print or photo
    • save the digital file(s) to a CD Rom
  • find something suitable to pack your CD Rom or prints in and/or protect them.
What you need to do tomorrow
  • make sure your package includes:
    • digital files as reproduction (CD Rom or colour prints)
    • entry form
    • cheque for exhibition fees
  • get your package in the post!
Contact Pat Heffer, the Exhibition Secretary if you have any queries - her email address and telephone number are on the entry form

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