Tuesday, 16 June 2009

UKCPS member Janie Pirie wins an RHS Gold Medal!

PEACH Prunus persica 'Springtime'
Janie Pirie SBA GM

coloured pencils
copyright the artist

I had an excited email from Janie Pirie SBA UKCPS yesterday telling me that she has won:
  • A Gold Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society. This was awarded at the RHS Botanical Art Exhibition at BBC Gardener’s World at the NEC in Birmingham last week.
  • a crystal vase for ‘Best Botanical Artist in Show 2009’.
I’ve just got an RHS GOLD MEDAL!!!!!!! I’m so thrilled as you can imagine! All the work was done in coloured pencil – and the general public were totally amazed at the results one can get with them. We’re spreading the word!!
Securing a gold medal means a lot of hard work. For those who are interested - and to understand better what it is that Janie has achieved - here are the Royal Horticultural guidelines for exhibiting botanical artwork

Consideration will only be given to works that are primarily of botanical interest, and paintings and drawings should be at least life-size. Miniatures are unsuitable for the Society’s RHS shows. To be considered at least eight pieces of work must be displayed.

Particular credit is given for botanical accuracy, exact colour reproduction and attention to detail. Higher awards tend to be given to larger, comprehensive exhibits illustrating a particular theme or plant family. Pictures are judged as a complete exhibit so that, if one or two works are of a lower standard than the others with which they are shown, the level of award will be affected. Gold Medals are only awarded to exhibits of outstanding and consistent excellence.

As far as exhibits are concerned choice of subject is left to the artist. The main emphasis is on botanical interest, and the exhibit should have a coherent theme. Paintings and drawings can be of any dimension (within reason) but, where possible, subjects should be depicted at least life-size. Where the subject is depicted more than life-size a scale must be indicated.

Exhibition of botanical art at RHS Shows - Regulations for Botanical Artwork (Paintings & Drawings)

Earlier this month Janie was also awarded the Runner-Up Best In Show at the UKCPS 7th 'World of Coloured Pencils' Annual Exhibition in Keswick.

You can read more about Janie Pirie in Janie Pirie UKCPS is Highly Commended which focused on the work she exhibited in the Annual Exhibition of the Society of Botanical Artists in April 2009.

UKCPS member Janie Pirie at the SBA Exhibition
with five of her coloured pencil botanical drawings.


REMINDER: You have nine days left to submit work for the 8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition 2009

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Sue said...

Well done Janie, a richly deserved award.


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