Monday, 16 November 2009

Marion Brown exhibits with EAC Over 60s Art Awards

Peaches by Marion Brown
10.5 x 42 x 10.5", prismacolors on white Stonehenge

copyright Marion Brown

Marion Brown's coloured pencil work Peaches has been selected for the 2009 EAC Over 60s Art Awards. The Awards celebrate the talent and creativity of amateur artists who are between the ages of 60 and over 100, and who work in any genre.

Over 2,150 entries were received for the 2009 entry giving this national art competition one of the largest competitive entries in the UK! Only 101 works were chosen giving artists who entered less than 5% chance of being selected - but that's very much on a par with some of national competitions offering major awards!

However the emphasis of the awards is very much on the creativity of older people.
The EAC Over 60s Art Awards were founded by volunteers almost 15 years ago, with the aim of celebrating the creativity of older amateur artists. They are not about winning and losing. Though artists like to have their work exhibited in a London gallery, or receive a prize, all the feedback suggests that that really doesn’t matter. The real joy of the Awards is the unique opportunity they create for older people to demonstrate their continuing capacity to be purposeful and involved, and to enjoy the collaborative venture of entering a national competition.
The first round of judging was based on the submitted reproduced images of artists' work, either jpeg digital files or colour photographs (max A4 size).

If you're interested in entering next year, you can find out more about the 2009 competition here.


Work selected for the exhibition was announced this month. 101 finalists’ works are included in the EAC Over 60s Art Awards exhibition at the Bankside Gallery, 48 Hopton Street, London, SE1 9JH, from 2nd - 6th December 2009.

Prizes will be announced and awarded at the Private View on 1st December.

Entrance to the exhibition is free, and hours of opening can be found by visiting the Bankside Gallery website at

See all the Art and Vote online

For the first time since the annual competition began in 1995, images of the finalists’ work have now been uploaded to the Art Awards website. This means that those unable to visit the exhibition can still participate, by viewing a ‘virtual exhibition’. They can also participate in the voting and commenting on their favourite entries.

The winning artist, calculated by overall number of points awarded by over the next three weeks, will receive a new prize, ‘The EAC People’s Choice Award’ at the prize-giving ceremony at the Bankside Gallery, on 1st December.

Click here to visit the 2009 Finalists’ Gallery This also provides details of how the site works and how to vote. You can vote for three works with your first, second and third choices adding three, two and one votes to the score for the works concerned

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