Tuesday, 3 November 2009

UKCPS Demonstrators at Art Materials Live

UKCPS demonstrators will be at Art Materials Live - which is at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, from 5th - 8th November 2009. This is How to get to the NEC.

The table below shows you who will be demonstrating each day. The dark space represents days the demonstrators will NOT be there.


5th Nov.
6th Nov
7th Nov
8th Nov
Peter Woof UKCPSaward winning artist who trained at the Royal Academy Schools

Suzy Herbert UKCPS

Rachel Stirlingworking on a portrait using Luminance Pencils

Peter Weatherill UKCPSusing watercolour pencils for a large marine drawing of Polperro harbour

Gayle Mason SOFApopular feline and wildlife artist; teaching how to do a cat's eye and fur

Jonathan Newey UKCPS
wildlife artist; Presidents Award 2009

Shirley Henderson

Malcolm Cudmore
Highly commended Annual Exhibition 2009; working on large panels primed with acrylic

Diana Connor
demonstrating floral work

Brian Casey
a self-taught artist with a love of motor sport, doing large scale detailed work

Margaret Edwards
Wildlife and feline artist

On Sunday you also have the opportunity to meet Bev Lewis and Pauline Longley on the stand who will be assisting at the show. Various volunteers will also help run the shop, sharpen pencils and generally help keep this major four day event on track.

All of the above simply relates to the UKCPS contribution to the event. If you look at page about the Hobbycrafts and Art Materials Live exhibition on the NEC website you can see the lists of other exhibitors at this event


Kay said...

I was at the NEC on Friday of the show, it was a pleasure to watch each of the artists working, though I didn't have the courage to actually speak to any of them! Hopefully attend next year again.

Kay said...
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