Thursday, 16 September 2010

9th Annual Open International Exhibition: Other Prizewinners

The other prizes and prizewinners at the 9th Annual Open International Show at the are as follows:

UKCPS Runner Up - Sue Clinker UKCPS

Daydreaming Tiger by Sue Clinker UKCPS
"I photographed this tiger at the Wildlife Heritage Trust in Kent – he was propped up in the corner staring into space for nearly ten minutes. I love his ‘Uncle Albert’ beard".

President's Award - Kate Clarke UKCPS

Challenging Stereotypes - a triptych by Kate Clarke UKCPS

Staedtler Award - Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Strawberries by Irina Garmashova-Cawton

Derwent Award - Peter Woof UKCPS

Japanese Still Life by Peter Woof UKCPS

Faber Castell Award - Brian Ainsworth

Lyra Award - Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood)

Plum and Blossom 'Majories Seedling' by Janie Pirie

Ann Swan Award - Janie Pirie (Mrs Thorogood)

Pear 'Conference' by Janie Pirie

Peter Weatherill Award - Jean Canter UKCPS

Surrey Spring Elstead Moat Pond by Jean Canter UKCPS

You can see work by award winners and other selected artists at the Stamford Arts Centre, 27 St. Marys Street, Stamford, PE9 2DL between now and Friday 1st October (Monday to Saturday 9am to 9pm)

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