Thursday, 19 January 2012

Society TREASURER required!!

This is a reminder to all UKCPS members that the society is in urgent need of a volunteer TREASURER, to enable our present Treasurer, Ann Roberts, to take a well-earned break from the job.

The successful applicant, who will become a member of the UKCPS Executive Committee, will need some experience in keeping club-type Income & Expenditure accounts, and be able to produce a Balance Sheet.
Because of the dispersed nature of the committee membership, most of the work of the Exec. Committee is carried out via the web, so access to the internet is required.  The committee does meet, (but infrequently), so UK residency is required.

Your Executive Committee are a friendly bunch of volunteers, so if you have some spare time available, why not join us and give some time to the society as the society's Treasurer?

For more information about the role of Treasurer, contact Barbara Murray, the UKCPS Chair, on or Ann Roberts on

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