Tuesday, 24 July 2012

NEWA - Nat. Exhibition of Wildlife Art

I made a quick visit to the NEWA exhibition at the Gordale Garden Centre, here on the Wirral, today.
It is good to see so many CP works having been accepted on show, with many of them by UKCPS members.

Congratulations then to members Alan Jones, Brian Ainsworth, Jo Goudie, Karen Coulson, David Pritchard, and Valerie Briggs.  Victoria Parsons had a 'colour crayon' picture listed in the catalogue, but that might have been CP in another name?

Congrats also to June Lesley Fox - but hers were all watercolours (nice ones though!)

The NEWA exhibition is one of the top wildlife exhibitions in the country with over 400 pictures in all media.  Well worth a visit if you can get to it before the close on Sunday next, 29th July.  Open 09.00 to 18.00, except Sunday closing at 17.00.

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