Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Overseas member news!

Prismacolor on pastel board 112 x 67 cm
Greetings (and congratulations) to Richard Klekociuk down in Oz! 

Richard is one of our overseas members, and living in Tasmania.   He has written to inform us of his recent exhibition award:

 Last Thursday afternoon I received a phone call informing me that I had won the Art of Norfolk Plains Prize. The following night I received the award at the exhibition opening.
This painting was about raw (unfired) clay and that each section (raw brick) contained the characteristics of the landscape from whence it came. This clay is from Brickendon, a World Heritage working farm near Longford in Northern Tasmania. Many of the original buildings are made from clay that came from the property and was fired there to make the bricks we see today. This is an exceptional place and is a must-see destination if you are visiting Tasmania.

You can read more about Richard and his CP art by visiting his website:


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