Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Lin Goodwin - Painters Online

It's always nice to get good news about members achievements.

This from Lin Goodwin:

I know you like to let people know when CP has been given some notice.
Well last month I decided to upload some of my work to the Painters Online gallery for 'The Artist' magazine.
Each month they pick a selection as 'pictures of the month'. I don't know if these go into either of their magazines, but they are anchored to the front page of the gallery on their website. They also archive them each month.
TWO of my paintings have been selected. One is Oil Pastel (another minority medium) But the portrait of Miss Patty's enigmatic smile is done in  Pure Coloured pencils.
I'm happy to fly the flag for Coloured Pencils.
This is actually an older piece, but it was one of the one's in my exhibition last year

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