Saturday, 19 October 2013

West Yorks Local Group

Our man Michael Maguire, Editor of the UKCPS Newsletter, made a visit with his wife to the recent Exhibition run by the West Yorkshire local group based in Baildon: -

Many congratulations to the West Yorkshire Group on their first ever local exhibition which ran between 23 September and 5 October 2013 at Baildon Library .
My wife and I were highly delighted to see a fine collection and good standard of CP work.  We were especially pleased to quite literally bump into Norma Hall and her husband whilst we were taking notes and I was snapping merrily away! My apologies if I confused Norma about why we were there. I did give her the opportunity to be included in a photograph of her lovely rendering "Our Daily Visitor", but I gather she was a little overwhelmed by what she thought was a local news reporter for the Telegraph & Argus. I'm quite thrilled to have been mistaken for the paparazzi!
A female German tourist was also taking an interest in the exhibition and she asked about the type of pencils and supports. She thought many of them were watercolour so I explained there may have been water soluble images among them. Baildon Librarian, Deborah confirmed that there had been quite a steady flow of visitors milling around the display.
All in all, it was a brilliant first show for this local group and we look forward to seeing the next one. Well done!
Michael Maguire
Associate & Editor of UKCPS the Newsletter

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