Thursday, 18 September 2008

CPSA invite contributions to Explore This! 5

Entry to the CPSA Explore This! 5 exhibition in 2009 is open to all living artists over the age of 18 regardless of geographical location.

Coloured pencil artists are likely to be interested in changes that CPSA have introduced to their Explore This! exhibition, which encourages artists to explore the use of coloured pencil in combination with a range of materials. You can read more about these in:
Key points are that:
  • as announced on this blog at the end of August (CPSA Blog plus changes to CPSA Exhibitions) the Explore This! exhibition will in future be annual and online only
  • all entries must be digital images submitted via the CaFE website
  • all entries must have some element which breaks the rules of the CPSA International Exhibition
  • acceptance into three shows within a 10 year period will earn a new signature designation, called CPX, for a CPSA member/artist
  • the top three winners in Explore This! 5 will be invited to ship their work to the 17th Annual CPSA International Exhibition for display
All questions relating to the exhibition should be addressed to Paula Parks, CPSA Exhibition Director. Deadline for entries is November 15th 2008.

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