Sunday, 4 January 2009

A new website for a new year

Welcome to the new look website!

Check out the UKCPS website! It has changed its webmaster and where it is hosted and now has been relaunched with a new look.

As all UKCPS members will know Bob Ebdon, the Founder of UKCPS, retired as its webmaster in September 2008. UKCPS has been fortunate to recruit Liz Ridley to be its new webmaster.

As the website had to move hosts, Liz has taken the opportunity to relaunch the UKCPS website and it now has a whole new look - you can get a taster with the image at the top and to see more click this link to visit the new UKCPS website.

Please note

If you have any pages bookmarked on your computer you might want to note that the URLs of all the regular pages have changed. Any bookmarks that you have will now go to a 404 page which has a link to the URL of the new website
  • Why don't you check your bookmarks and see if you need to change them?
  • Note that all the hyperlinks to the website which you can find the right hand column on this blog now link to the new website pages.
Liz has issued an invite to all visitors to have a good look around. I'm sure she would appreciate feedback and a note of any queries you may have. You can either leave her a comment on this blog or contact her - and you can find out how to do that on the 'Contact Us' page on the new website.

Most of the changeover has been completed. However, some sections are still under construction. These should be clearly marked and will be re-appearing during the next few weeks. These include the links page and links to all the coloured pencil information which has been developed over the years - no small undertaking! The current plan is that all the changes will have been completed by the end of January.

Finally UKCPS News would like to wish a Happy New Year to all its readers.


Felicity said...

Happy new Year! I think the new website looks very good - fresher, more modern. The pages load much faster and I like the new more prominent link list so it's a thumbs up from me!

Neil said...

Hello there. The new site looks fine but I notice that the members galleries only have thumbnails & not the larger examples when clicked. Are there plans to re-instate the larger pictures?
Also.... Happy New Year to everyone!

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

Neil - I don't know the answer to that but I'll make sure Liz knows to look at the comments here.

Liz said...

Hi Neil
Yes, I do plan to reinstate the larger pictures. It is a matter of time, the galleries alone have taken up most of my time - there are over a 100. Each artist has 3 pics so you can see how many more pages I have to do. As I had a deadline to meet switching host I had to decide which pages to concentrate on. Be assured I will work my way through them.
Thanks otherwise for your kind comments.


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