Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Feedback on Talking Point

I asked Ann Holden, the Editor of Talking Point to let me know about the feedback she's had about the 'new look' for Talking Point following its despatch to all the members of UKCPS last week.

You can find what had to say below. If you'd like to let her have any feedback you can
  • either leave a comment below
  • or you can contact Ann by email by clicking here and finding her email address in the contacts part of the UKCPS website.

An image from Step 5 in "Journey's End" - a masterclass on working with Mylar
Richard "Chumley" Childs UKCPS
an article in Talking Point (March 2009)

By now, almost every member should have received their copy of Talking Point. On this occasion I knew exactly when the copies had been mailed and it has been an eye-opener to find out how variable the delivery times have been – and this was only in the UK.

However, I have been much relieved by the response to the ‘new look’. The comments that have reached me have been unanimous in their approval of the overall appearance – ‘a proper magazine’, ‘professional publication’, and so on. The e-mail I particularly valued was one from the Society’s Founder, Bob Ebdon, saying (amongst other things) ‘Wow!!’

But, of course, the magazine would have been nothing without the people who contributed articles and news and I am very grateful to all of them.

In future issues, members have said they would like to see more pictures – and so would I! So please send me copies of pictures you’ve completed and are happy to be included.

If possible, add a few words about the picture (eg size, paper/support, media used, why you chose the subject, whether you’re happy with it, and so on). I’d also like to have pictures from newcomers to CP, not just from those who can draw water with their eyes closed!

I look forward to hearing from you

Ann Holden, Editor

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