Friday, 27 February 2009

8th UKCPS Open International Exhibition - Call for Entries

The exhibition page on the UKCPS website

Anyone, anywhere in the world, who likes to produce art using coloured pencils is invited to enter the 8th Open International Exhibition 2009 of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society (UKCPS) sponsored by Derwent.

This annual exhibition will be held in 2009 in Gallery 2 at the home of the The Royal Birmingham Society of Artists in Birmingham from Monday 21st September to Saturday 3rd October.

ENTRY: What you need to know

Here are some of the important things you need to know:
  • Who can enter? This is an open competition - which means you don't need to be a paid-up member of UKCPS to enter....
  • ....however it you would like to try and earn signature status from UKCPS you'll need to become a member before you enter! Check out the details of how to do this on the membership page on the UKCPS website. If you are successful in getting into this show three times within a five year span you can become a signature member and are entitled to put the letters UKCPS after your name.
  • if your work is accepted into the exhibition, you become eligible to win one or more of the valuable Awards: Derwent Award for Best in Show (£400), UKCPS Award for Reserve Best in Show (£300), the President's Award (£100), the Peter Weatherill Landscape Award (£100), the People's Choice Award (£50), among other awards.
  • the entry form for this exhibition has been despatched to all members in the March edition of the Talking Point newsletter. You can also now download the combined Call For Entries and Entry Form (pdf file) from the NEW exhibition page on the UKCPS website.
  • IMPORTANT: The criteria for eligible work has changed in 2009. As usual we suggest you should read ALL of the details given in the Call for Entries/Entry Form very carefully. However, this year, you are recommended to pay particular attention to the definition of eligible work which has changed from that used in previous years. Using your mouse, you can right click on the image below to see the relevant part of the form - which states very clearly what sort of work is eligible to enter and what would make a work ineligible for the competition. Work which is submitted but ineligible will be refused entry.
Eligible Works: An extract from the Call For Entries
  • to enter you need to submit a completed entry form plus image(s) (as a photo, print or high resolution scan on CD) by the deadline of 24th June to Pat Heffer, the UKCPS Exhibition Secretary
  • Entry fees: These have also changed. As previously explained in Talking Point, every UKCPS member now gets one entry free and can submit up to 3 additional entries @ £5 per entry. The entry fee for all non-members is £17.50 each for up to 2 entries and as membership is £28 per annum for a UK member (and £33 for a non-UK member) you can see there's a slight financial incentive to joining UKCPS!
  • Jury: A jury considers all images, plus the title and details of size. Artists' names, descriptions and CVs are not provided to jurors. The jurors this year are Vera Curnow CPSA (Founder of the Colored Pencil Society of America, author, editor and gallery owner), Paul Hipkiss RBSA of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and a representative of Derwent.
  • Notification: Those accepted into the exhibition will be notified by 21st August 2009.
If you have any queries you should contact Pat Heffer, the Exhibitions Secretary. Pat's contact details are available on the website (Click the 'email' next to the Exhibition Secretary title to get the email address).

Alternatively leave a query by using a comment on this post (see below) and we'll make sure all queries submitted this way get an answer.

If you'd like to see the sort of work which got into last year's exhibition and the work which won prizes take a look at the links to past blog posts about the 2008 exhibition at the end of this post.

UKCPS would like acknowledge and thank Derwent the principal sponsor of UKCPS exhibitions in 2009, together with our other sponsors of the 8th Open International Exhibition 2009 - Faber Castell, Caran d'Ache and Great Art.

DATES: Finally a reminder of the key dates
  • Closing date for entry: Wednesday June 24th 2009
  • Handing in day: Sunday 20th September 2009
  • Exhibition dates: Monday 21st September to Saturday 3rd October 2009


Lene said...

reading what is eligible and ineligble I must assume that inktense pencils are ineligble as part of the artwork as they contain ink. Is this true ?
kind regards, Lene

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

Thanks for the query Lene,

I'm referring your query to Pat Heffer and she will respond.

UKCPS Blogmaster said...

Pat has replied and the message is

"As Inktense pencils do not contain ink (regardless of the name!) they are eligible for the Birmingham exhibition."


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