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Artists selected for the 8th Annual UKCPS International Open Exhibition

This week coloured pencil artists in different countries have been receiving emails and letters telling them the outcome of the submission of their work to this year's exhibition by UKCPS of 100% coloured pencil artwork by coloured pencil artists. Both members and non-members were eligible to submit work

Artwork by Vera Curnow CPSA
Founder of CPSA and juror for the
8th Annual UKCPS International Open Exhibition
copyright the artist

Everybody should have heard by now and consequently this blog can now publish the list of artists whose work has been accepted into the exhibition for the very first time.

If an artist has got more than one piece into the exhibition this is indicated by the number in brackets after their name in the list below. For example (3) = 3 artworks accepted. Full members could submit up to four works.

List of artists with work accepted into the 8th International Open Annual Exhibition of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society
  • Jose Arcas
  • Elisabeth Aubury UKCPS (2)
  • Josephine Barnes
  • Alexandra Bastien UKCPS
  • Joan Batty
  • Robin Borrett UKCPS (3)
  • Carol Bramley UKCPS
  • Linda Brand
  • Tiffany Budd UKCPS (3)
  • Jean Canter UKCPS (3)
  • Angela Cater UKCPS
  • Irina Garmashova (3)
  • Kate Clarke (3)
  • Sue Clinker (3)
  • Karen Coulson UKCPS (2)
  • Malcolm Cudmore (3)
  • Lene Daugaard
  • Jude Delaney
  • Julie Douglas (4)
  • Margaret Edwards UKCPS
  • Lesley Galton UKCPS (2)
  • Jo Goudie UKCPS (2)
  • Angela Hammond (2)
  • Pat Heffer UKCPS (2)
  • Judith Heilbronn-Crown UKCPS (3)
  • Shirley Henderson UKCPS (2)
  • Suzy Herbert UKCPS (3)
  • Ann Holden
  • Catherine Holtom (2)
  • Neil Houghton (3)
  • John Hurford
  • Carole Keen UKCPS
  • Shirley Leslie UKPCS
  • Bev Lewis UKCPS (2)
  • Roger Lewis UKCPS (2)
  • Patsy Lindamood UKCPS (4)
  • Pauline Longley (3)
  • Ann James Massey UKCPS
  • Claire Milligan
  • Jonathan Newey UKCPS
  • Janet Pantry (2)
  • Rachel Pesterfield
  • Janie Pirie (4)
  • Anthony Rankin
  • JS Revill (2)
  • Dave Richards UKCPS (4)
  • Ann Roberts (2)
  • Lesley Sharman
  • Katherine Tyrrell UKCPS (2)
  • Ursula Williams
  • Peter Woof UKCPS (3)
For some full members, acceptance of work into this exhibitions means signature status has been earned. Hence the names of those members are now listed with their signature member initials! There will be a special post on this blog about signature members after the exhibition opens.

The jurors this year were Vera Curnow CPSA (Founder of the Colored Pencil Society of America, author, editor and gallery owner), Paul Hipkiss RBSA of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists and Emma Cross from Derwent, the sponsors for this year's exhibition.

The artwork at the top of this post is by Vera Curnow.

Exhibition details

The 8th Annual Open International Exhibition 2009 is being held at the home of the Royal Birmingham Society of Artists at 4 Brook Street, Birmingham B3 1SA (see location map which also provides details of car parking and proximity to the railyway station).

The exhibition runs from Monday 21st September to Saturday 3rd October and the exhibition is open every day (Monday to Friday 10:30 to 5:30pm Saturday 10:30am to 5:00pm and Sunday 1:00pm to 5:00pm).

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