Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Derwent - Artists Pencils Competition #2

Derwent have now loaded a reference image onto Flickr for their Artists Pencils Competition.  It's available here.

You can download it in different sizes - just click the 'all sizes' icon just above the top left hand corner of the image to see the options.

This image is in landscape format.  I'm advised by the people at Derwent that:
  • People creating an entry for the competition are not required to use this image.  This has only been supplied as people have been asking about copyright issues.
  • Derwent are not looking for an exact duplicate of an image but rather are looking for the artist's own interpretation.
  • You can find lots of images of Ashness Bridge on the Internet which you can use for guidance in developing your drawing.  
  • Derwent are not expecting artists to create a direct copy of any one image.  Developing an image from several different images avoids infringement of copyright and enables you to create your own artistic interpretation of Ashness Bridge
  • There's no requirement to include the Derwent logo!
Remember the drawing needs to be completed using Derwent Artists Pencils.

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