Sunday, 24 January 2010

Winner of Manga Competition 2009

Congratulations to the winner of the Manga Drawing Competition 2009 for children, sponsored by Derwent, and held at the UKCPS stand at the Art Materials Live Fair at the NEC.

The prize  goes to Peter Stockbridge of Wellesbourne Warwick for his beautiful rendering of the "Vampire boy " chibi.

The judges were particularly impressed with his use of perspective and felt that his colour choices were in keeping with the subject.
A very atmospheric picture. Spookily well done Peter and a hearty thanks for " scaring" our Chibi designer into extra practice.

Peter wins a  " Mater Chibi Manga " set,  created for Derwent by professional Manga Artist Hayden "Dock" Scott-Baron" 
At first glance Manga can seem like a relatively new art form but in fact its roots go back as far as the nineteenth century in the form of Ukiyo-E; a form of Japanese print made from carved blocks of wood. Under the influence of western comic styles the Ukiyo-E art form evolved to become what we now regard as modern Manga. 
Derwent website
Link:  Manga Colouring Competition - Announcement of Winners (2008)

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